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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Sep 7, 2010 4:58 PM Flag

    Did It Again

    Boy, without the $2.4 million gain from asset sales and $1.0 million gain from inventory reversal which is just under 7 cents pre-tax per share or about 4-5 cents per share after tax....PBY would barely have made what they did last year. They also had a sales decrease in service revenue.........this stock should tank tomorrow. Look for it to be in the 8's........this quarter should be O'Dells swan song. Should be getting a new COB as well. All smoke and mirrors again.......without special adjustments these clowns can't even beat last year's results with a sales increase.......glad I just own the bonds. May be buyig in the low 8s......DaninFW

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    • good post

    • Twilight zone music in the background.>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Now, I'm laughing.

      Finish down 3.45%??? Couldn't you just draw pictures of little birds across the page?

      I could care less if you want to turn the Market into a Hitchcock movie - so long as I'm not Tippi Hedren.

      In truth, though, with you Fellas, a Mel Brooks movie is more accurate.

      I really just stopped off at the Yahoo boards to see if they were controlling you at all after all the Market and the world have been through.

      Apparently, not yet.

      On the bright side: I think DOGdom itself is about to crumble.

      The DOGs threaten to abandon the US and move to Singapore, I say, Let 'em go! Poor Singapore doesn't deserve them. But at least the US may be safe for Sparrows again.

      Love and kisses.

    • The name of the poster is Martha Kraus in NY.......possibly MOTR??? DaninFW

    • This is turning into a Hitchcock movie.

    • I honestly probably agree with most of what you say in regard to how the market is manipulated. However, I don't have a clue as to who you are. Can you give me a hint? Have we had dialogue before on this or another board? DaninFW

    • No, Dan, it is nicely up from where I bought it.

      And you know very well who I am and what I'm talking about.

      I am furious at a tiny group of Market Makers - some of them options purveyors, some of them garden-variety MM hedgies - distorting trading so blatantly and so badly today that while people who know you - like me - won't get fooled, others who look at a totally Faux Tape might.

      I also dislike Mr. Booyahooyah participating in this one, clearly on behalf of his good ole buddy You-Know-Who.

      I dislike a certain totally corrupt analyst being employed by S&P, if he's going to say with a straight face that it's "fair" for PBY to trade at 1.1 times book, while its pairs-traded near peer AZO is "permitted" to trade at 20 times book.

      And I dislike my broker - and possibly others - allowing their darling little "partner" Minyanville to post inaccurate - in fact, VERY inaccurate - institutional percentages and other NON-factual material on their on-site PBY pages.

      Unless it isn't Minyanville this time, and they're just letting any ole hacker complete access into their site. But I think not.

      In short, I dislike any form of total disrespect towards retail investors and small institutions by Market Maker con artists, even if they have their own TV shows.

      You should be ashamed.

    • Very funny exchange, Dan.

      Venerability's cyberpunk ramblings have just enough coherence to put the reader at a disadvantage. Her messages on other boards are clearly stated, so I asked myself "What gives?"

      Your explanation puts the puzzle pieces together. Nice piece of logic. Thanks.

      I hope your prediction for PBY in low to mid-eights comes true. Between $8 and $10 seems to be the trading zone until ODell is replaced.

    • Went back and looked at some of your other messages. Quite obvious now that this was your first trade with PBY and you were on the wrong side and tried to use propaganda to prop it up to cut your losses. Sorry it didn't work. daninFW

    • Are you nuts? You have me mixed up with someone else. I call Autozone the "Twilight Zone" of autoparts.....for the record I am seeing trades indicating the little guys or bailing with the big boys. I am actually surprised it hasn't tanked more, but then again the smart money knew there would be another disappointment and only ran up in line with the market overall from 5 trading days ago. AZI is up because they are using their cash to buy back stock which is returning cash to investors. PBY is spending their cash to open up spoke stores to compete with their own stores. That's why they are don't impress anyone talking in riddles and using acronyms or telling everyone how great the financials were when they weren't even available until hours after you stated you had reviewed them. Good luck convincing everyone you're right when the evidence is completely opposite. Sorry you got burned betting on PBY's....DaninFW

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