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  • riggywon riggywon Feb 2, 2011 12:53 PM Flag

    The Boys Are In The Shack

    Here we go again; buzz word potential "Buy out" or we should say "Buy Who?" I say "Bayou" because these boys have been living in a shack along some swamp land for some time now as they watched the others take on new locations along the main highways. Actually if one compares PBY's five year chart with Radio Shack, its kind of interesting to witness the Street tracking these two misfit organizations in parallel; both which have no real business plans or a practical model of any worth. Radio Shack has already taken the turn downward so one can expect the boys to follow along as soon as the reality sets in - no one is interested in swamp land unless it contains oil, virgin oil not used oil,antifreeze battery acid etc. When the stock was at 3 and change, a 9 dollar deal should have happened; but It didn't. Now with the stock in the low teens, I think the Odds are the same; a 9 dollar deal would still be a surprise. Riggy

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    • I am not sure why you compare to TS. The charts (stats) ? The model ? Anyhow in some respects it might be also interesting to compare to circuit city. We might wind up in the same place. People talk about AZOs "buybacks" but isn't pbys real estate lease back effectively the same maneuver ? Of course AZOs dealings seemed to have worked for them.Two years ago I said that the operational problems are peps biggest issue. I still think so. If you were cao of a large company would you consider buying PBY ? Mnro and others seem to have more positive features. Sumitomos Tire Kingdom has (IMO) more in common with PBY than others that were mentioned.Slap a parts dept on the back of an NYB and it looks alot like a PBY store. CComments ?

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      • MID, Compare a 5 year chart Boys vs. Shack. One would think they are in the same industry. The Boys are suffering from the problems the Shack is suffering from: Bad business model. No identity. The service/store combo worked at a time when the competition solely relied on the Boys for product. Now the Boys are surrounded by shops that can get quick and inexpensive product from a source that is not a competitive threat. If growth potential becomes limited to bay production; no one is going to pay for all the excess baggage and definitely will not invest to increase bay production.In comparison, the Shack did well at a time when inexpensive gadgets were more perceived as hobbies. Remember Tandy? Remember Tandy Crafts? The Shack never recovered from Tandy; it missed the whole information revolution by letting the Best Buys and other to capture the high end electronics marketplace. Shack & the Boys are not good long term investments when compared to others in their fields. That's why their 5 year charts parallel to nowhere. They are not take overs...............more like knock outs. Riggy

    • I am still very optimistic; I believe a $ 9.00 per share deal will happen sometime this year! Riggy