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  • martha_on_the_ragg2 martha_on_the_ragg2 Jun 16, 2011 7:17 PM Flag

    Cramer Spits on Pepboys and rightfully so

    Probably all you know nothings missed Cramer [he repeats later at 11pm EST] where he bluntly states that Autozone is premier in auto parts. With OReiley coming in second.

    PBY has struggled for years, has a broken business model, has management that is skilled at bad decisions and stealing cashflow from the shareholders, and for two many years maintained an unjustified dividend.

    Even my sleeping bud says Exxon has no interest in anything Pepboy.

    The shareholders are also tooooo stupid to mount a protest and take over of the inept management.

    You all know this is the truth because I have told you too many times.

    Even Patrick, the little Mexican roofer, agrees.

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    • Ah, you miss me Martha!

      I haven't looked at PBY in a long time. Today I thought I'd take a look and what did I see? It was Martha mentioning ME.

      Martha I have done Roofing on some of my rentals and my own houses over the years. I don't do it for a profession. I'm retired.

      Martha my roots are Irish. I hear you have a new Mexican Boy Friend. Is it true?

      I hear that the El Paso Pepboys want to throw a party for you.

      As for investing the only thing I'm doing at present is shorting the market. Financials mainly.

      So Martha what are you doing with the few Peso you earn Juarez last year?

      Yur Gud Amigo


    • Does Pepboys corporate management know what intimidation or harrassment mean? Or maybe they re just plain blind. I never witnessed managers and even employees intimidated. Like with PBY, as a consumer, ot makes you wonder. As an owner, I have aways treated my managers with fairness and respect, which leads to success.

    • are you off your meds? the fact that Cramer does not promote PBY is a good thing because by doing the opposite of Cramer is usually a profitable trade!

    • Exxon was never never even made sense.

      They make money, not a lot but some, and the tire/service center model has a chance of success but only time will tell. Its an $11 stock with a low PE and the assets alone justify the stock price.

      Things could be better, but you've been claiming the sky is falling for like 12 years.