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  • cazzmanian cazzmanian May 1, 2012 9:11 PM Flag

    Gores Group

    My guess is that they'd rather pay the $50 million termination fee that spend a billion on a piece of garbage. Either way, heads will roll.

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    • You would think the board would have taken into considertion the background of Gores and see how they walked from past deals.

      well at least the grunts just have to update the data room for current results.

    • Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Watch and learn. DaninFW

    • why do you think anyone cares what you have to post when you admittedly aren't following what is going on and are more focused on bragging about prior unrelated trades?

    • I don't care about the price today. I wouldn't touch it. I like as I have stated many times before if you could read, below $10.....DaninFW

    • why do you keep on citing your 1000s of prior posts? who cares when you are posting incorrect information today? you also seem to think that bragging about prior trades somehow gives you street cred here. again, who cares when you are posting incorrect information today about PBY?

      you also completely contradicted yourself when you claimed that you have "zero interest in PBY's [sic] at present" but then "will play again at certain levels." so you do actually care about the price today.

    • Banks get very nervous when actual results do not meet projections. To them its a sign of problems and they are skittish. If an adverse material condition is found, they could walk or ask for revised projections and then they will walk, or ask to fund less, and in turn the buyer would ask for price reduction. Gores should be buying AZO shares. Management should have been managing the situation better, looking under every chair for excess coins, clean out your returns area etc.

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      • "Gores was the only bidder after repeated tries."

        This statement is false. Anyone who can read the proxy knows this statement is false.

        DaninFW seems rather articulate compared to the general crop of posters on Yahoo Finance; however, by posting demonstrably false statements, all credibility is lost. Looks more like a run of the mill basher now; just one who got an A in English Composition somewhere along the way :)

        The people with real money in these arb plays are interested in informed and intelligent commentary, not well-written false commentary.

        Good luck out there.

    • I am well aware of PBY's history. I should have elaborated more. PBY's has had a for sale sign in front of their corporate offices for 10 years now......they have received no offers in the last two "published" attempts. Before, the BOD's wouldn't consider an offer below $18 and supposedly had some offers but no where close to what the two hedge funds that controlled PBY wanted at the time. One hedge fund is now gone and the other has been dumping for years now. You might want to research the history of PBY. DaninFW

    • you might want to read the background section of the proxy before posting more incorrect information. gores group was unsolicited and was the only party to sign a NDA (all of the other tire kickers only had access to public info). once the exclusivity agreement was signed at the end of november, there weren't going to be any other bids. the fact that nobody bid higher than the $15 agreed upon deal is meaningless.

    • the fact that there wasn't another bidder means nothing. gores signed an exclusivity agreement with PBY at the end of november so there never was going to be another bidder once the $15 deal was announced. when was the last time a go-shop period actually resulted in a better offer? that's just a CYA for the board to defend the frivolous lawsuits alleging it breached its fiduciary duty.

    • Garbage is a little harsh. If they want to part with $50 million, they will do whatever they want to do. They can just expect that they will not be offered as many deals going forward and the termination fees they will be forced to offer will climb substantially.

      The deal will get done. It just provides another trading opportunity.

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      • I disagree. I think deal is over. Gores won't have to pay the $50 million fee because of misrepresentations from PBY IMVHO. PBY's appears to have not performed to the pro-forma and there is something material out there somewhere. Before you jump on me I have posted on PBY for 10 years +/- and been right about 90% of the time. The Gores Group bought PBY so they could sell the real estate in a sale-leaseback for $10-11 a share. Now they can't get as much because buyers are concerned on the ability of PBY's to stay in the business and pay the lease payments. They were looking to have just $4-5 tied up in the business that is now marginal at best. Could still be a $12-13 offer but the BOD's should turn that down, hire a competent management team and get this to $18-24 where it should have been 2-3 years ago. DaninFW

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