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  • g_noh g_noh May 4, 2012 11:35 PM Flag

    Child Abuse

    hey mag900, why does it feel like child abuse when interacting with danin.....?

    I feel like a big bully.

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    • It's probably because you're in elementary school. BTW, I typed Harbinger because when doing more research I typed Harbin in Yahoo and it pulled up Harbinger since Harbin has been bought out. Doesn't change the fact you bullied, insulted and attacked many others on that message board.
      I would also add that you bragging about reading 100 or so SEC filings and then taking a small position in PBY makes you so smart. And you think I should leave this message board since I don't know anything about PBY? Based on your own estmates of being qualified to post here, I have read every 10Q and 10K on PBY for at least 17 years which is easily 50-100 pages each along with all press releases, articles and other things. So at least 400-500 pages a year not counting research, message boards, etc. so say about 8500+/- pages. Then, consider I have 15+ years in the business doing budgets and business plans for the two largest auto parts retailers in the business. Yea, I think you're a lot smarter than me. Yea right. Go pick on someone a lot smaller than a 2 year old. You might get the upper hand. DaninFW

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      • if i didn't know better, i would think you were drinking heavily this morning when you wrote your last message. you're completely confused as to who said what, attributing to me a lot of the garbage that you've written.

        based on all of your previous messages, i know the gibberish of this morning's post is not the result of alcohol, unless, of course, you're always drunk.

        in any case, i see no point in interacting any further with you since you're either always drunk or hopelessly clueless.

        so... have a great life and enjoy all the money that you've earned with your great insights on pby.