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  • mawsii1 mawsii1 Jun 6, 2012 8:15 AM Flag

    new offer tomorrow with earnings...14.25

    slightly less than the first offer 14.50 but still much better than here! Go Pep, get r done!

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    • You really need to stop posting your BS hype.

      There will be no $14 offer by anyone anytime soon.

      Id be happy if we get to $12.50 in the next 18-30 months.
      (Be it a buyout or the market going up)

      And who knows, maybe its worth $25 in 5 years if they get their ducks in a row.

      Can you see Dan in FW kicking in his grave if that happens ?

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      • You don't know me very well. Once I get out of broadcast sector, I will be loading up on PBY at these prices. PBY will probably trade between $8.50 and $10.50 for a few months. Probably back to $12+/- within 6 months. BOD's has wanted to sell PBY for almost 10 the past they always wanted above $18. IMVHO we will see a shakeup in management. I have been saying that for years and if it had happened Gores would have bought PBY. O'Dell and his rejects were the cause again this time. $50 million in free cash isn't going to hurt either. Just on interest savings that's 4-6 cents per share EPS pre-tax gain. PBY always follows ORLY, AAP and AZO. Until their prospects improve, PBY won't do much either. DaninFW