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  • shorthighcoverlower shorthighcoverlower Jun 21, 2012 9:58 AM Flag

    another buyout brewing?

    look for another suitor to come out of the woodworks.This time around, the offer will likely be in the $10 to $10.75 vicinity, as much as 33.33% lower than The Gore bid.

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    • I sold my PBY position @ $9.50/share would love to reload
      again at $8.75!!! You can always count on the Stooges!

    • You might see another offer, but PBY will need to show at least one quarter of good earnings. Essentially, Gore walked away because of last quarter's results. PBY argued that last quarter was an anomaly, and promised better results in the second half of the year. At this point, the burden is on PBY to back up that promise. Gore paid $50mm to walk away from the deal. They appear to have substantial conviction that their view of PBY's future was correct. The only way someone takes another run at PBY is if results prove Gore wrong.

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      • Shorthigh----I know you have a bundle riding on PBY and I am watching closely for an entry point. I think we will see $8.50+/- again. PBY has for years had a history of beating on EPS but missing on revenues or beating on revenues and missing on EPS, very, very rarely beating on both. O'Dell is the problem as I have stated for years. The CFO departure leads me to think something is broken. The CFO as I posted when he was hired years ago was a good thing. He was the CFO of Toys R' Us and was instrumental in making that buyout happen. He was hired by PBY for similar purposes. He is walking away from a lot of options and millions if he leaves and company gets bought out soon. The BOD's would never approve a $10-$11 buyout and would trigger the poison pill first IMVHO. It is also rediculous that PBY is still months away from reversing their fortunes. Whatever the anomaly was.....O'Dell is saying it will happen for another quarter. That's 6 months. Don't mean to ramble but again BOD's won't sell for anything below $15+/- a share......and nobody is paying that anytime soon. Gabelli helped prop this stock up. Won't last long. DaninFW

      • that the company is selling for 33% less..the math pencils out for new buyers.

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