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  • shorthighcoverlower shorthighcoverlower Jul 25, 2012 10:52 PM Flag

    pby to offer mobile mechanic service/

    I heard that PBY is contemplating getting into the mobile service business. They would service your car at your home or workplace utilizing a fully stocked truck (tools and common brake parts. The primary services would be brakes and oil changes. This service would be very convenient and certainly be in demand. PBY could charge more than what they levy at their shops and the customers wold gladly pay it.

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    • Shorthigh-----we go back many years and we don't always agree. For the record, I have no investment at present in PBY but will consider in the $8.50 range just as a trade. PBY's is broken and as I have said for years, O'Dell's current strategy with the spoke concept is cannibalizing existing stores. I said it before they rolled it out and have been proven right. If they are contemplating this current mobile service it just goes to prove again that O'Dell is an idiot. Many reasons have been listed but the #1 is that management would be distracted again trying to roll out a new service instead of fixing what they already have broken. This would add a large amount of start up expense to start with as well. O'Dell needs to focus on fixing payroll, shrink, gross margin, advertising, customer service just to name a few. I have posted many, many times over the past 10 years that PBY needs to be able to have service customers pay at the service desk instead of getting an invoice after work is perfoirmed, then go stand in a retail line to pay and then walk back to service to show they paid for it so they could get their car. Absolutely nuts. Last month i finally went in for a tire warranty and they did it all in one transaction at the service desk. Once again, I was proven right. It took them over 10 years to finally take my advice. I used to rant about it constantly. It drove me nuts to use PBY's service.
      The biggest thing that PBY's needs to do is to focus on service and get their retail stores into the 21st century. PBY's stores are cavernous and poorly merchandised. I went into one store recently and they had an area about half the size of an ORLY, AZO or AAP all dedicated to just tires and very bad displays at that. They can't even merchandise the space they have well. They need to reduce the size of existing stores to that of a modern storefront. The extra space should be leased out to rental car companies, insurance agents, etc. They would move into the current century, reduce inventory investment, reduce utilities, reduce payroll, reduce shrink and increase rental income just to name a few. This is why I like to trade PBY. There is always hope they will fire O'Dell and get someone that has a brain. DaninFW

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      • wow...if you think it might go to $8.50, I should probably sell now, so I don't take a huge loss ( that point represents an additional 10% drop)..THE BOD won't take less than $15?? I would be happy just to get $10 at this point!!!what is your anticipated trading range for PBY in the next six months? $8 to $12?

      • danin...nice job as usual and thanks for the commentary....nice job..they took your advice and now they don't make their customers wait in two lines when having service work done-it is all done in just onbe transaction. That means they are moving in the right direction. Ironically, the good thing about this company is, it is broken, but that means it is quite fixable. Fixing it means earnings can really be improved, ultimately translating into a much higher share price. The other guys: Advance, ORLY and Autozone are all runnig on all eight cylinders so they are already fully priced stocks. What is the point in buying one of those when you can buy an unpopular stock like PBY and garner a huge reward,if and when it is finally fixed..About the mobile service...that's more of a dream than anything else...I think a mobile service is the ticket for busy professionals whose time is worth too much to waste it at a repair shop. I wish PBY would look into it, as it makes sense to me.

    • doubt it, I was mobile. The insurance rates
      are soooo high, hazmat status, used fluids etc.