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Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack Message Board

  • Mrs_Kong Mrs_Kong Aug 6, 2012 5:17 PM Flag

    They can't even give this company away

    Pepboys business model is broken/questionable.

    There have been too many idiots in charge past and present.

    If every employee above a mechanic dropped dead today, nobody would bother topick up the pieces.

    And those mechanics would not get a paycheck.

    Even the mechanics may need to be roughed up some to get them to be more productive.

    This firm may have been in its hayday during the depression, but it is not longer and the depression is too far ago to be revelavant.

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    • 52vector Aug 13, 2012 8:27 PM Flag

      They better hope AZO Autzone does not buy them
      although I couldn't make a case for that they certainly don't need to. What I can tell you is AZO operates very lean and much more efficiently than PBY.

      I have been in retail management positions for both companies

    • Hay Mrs. Kong

      Tell Martha we miss her. We need someone to laugh at.

      As I live in a small town there isn't a Pep Boys near us. I had two of the tires replaced here but on a trip to Las Cruces NM we stopped at Pep Boys and had 2 Definity tires to replace the last 2 tires that needed to be changed. While Pep Boys was busy we were taken care of within an hour. While there we talked with one of the other customers. She was married to a cardiologist and they ALWAYS used Pep Boys to service their vehicles. BTW when we had the first two tires replaced in our small town it took almost 2 hours. At PepBoys they installed Steel Tire Stems not so at the local tire place where we live. Not only was PepBoys cheaper they were better by about $40 per tire with the same tire warranty.


    • what's the differnce? Depression, is prety much symantics at thi spoint in time...the bottomline is we all need brakes, tires and oil changes so we can get to work...PBY is a safe bet in these times.