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  • gaga9xxx gaga9xxx Aug 21, 2012 11:03 AM Flag

    Pepboys 15% off Brake Service a come on

    Did ya all get your emailed coupon for the big Pepboys brake awareness month extravaganza?

    The ad touts 15% off the brake service but does not mention the listed price of the service before or after the discount.

    This is just another gymic Pepboys uses to entice women into the service line and then beefs up the price of the "service" or scares them into the platinum brake service that the coupon does not apply toward.

    Why doesn't the ad just state: Special - full brake service including pads $79.99 per axle

    More of the keep-it-vague and take advantage of the customer approach of this firm.

    Every employee should be ashamed of themselves for such tactics.