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  • m.swanger m.swanger Aug 27, 2012 5:04 PM Flag

    Cramer is Wrong - This is a good company


    why do you say their image is shot? They are the complete package;they just need to adjust some prices and lower shop rates perhaps $3-5p.h. This company is profitable and pays a divy. AZO and AAP pays nothing-unsure of O'Reilly's. I see many people go to AAP and AZO for parts to be installed and they can't do it. I live 1 block from each,PBY would do ok here.

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    • People go to AAP because they are a real auto parts supplier. Look at the shelves in PBY, ravaged with callbacks with nothing new sent in to replace them. Repair shops charge for services that are not done, charging for flush and fill, doing a drain and fill at best. Fuel Injection Service, a can of cleaner added to the tank. More time was spent on putting the unused parts back on the parts shelves, then installing them in paying customers cars. Techs make a joke at calling their alignments, park and pray, meaning don't do the job and pray that the customer doesn't notice.
      The future of this company, is plywood on the windows