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  • kimick51 kimick51 Aug 31, 2012 12:38 AM Flag

    My Cornell tires: bald in 10,000 miles

    I trusted the service guy at Pepboys and he put me into a set of this brand that he said was so good only Pepboys could sell it.

    I had the impression that they were so good they would last me until the demise of my car.

    Well they lasted about a year and according to my speedometer they had about 10,000 on them.

    What kind of crap is this company selling to the public?

    I feel taken advantage of by these sales guys. They actually just lie their a off in order to get me to buy what they want to sell.

    I will go back to getting tires at Costco and never look back to Pepboys for anything.

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    • Tire ratings have a lot to do with wear, the higher the traction number, the less mileage you get. Also inflation is critical. If you want the best of both worlds you really need to get Michelins or Toyos, something like that......but get ready to pay big bucks. Cornell is a value tire...........

    • Costco has some good name brands, tried them myself. The most important thing about tires is inflation, especially these days with the low profiles. You need to run the air pressure, checked cold, that's embossed on the tire. NOT the pressure on the car door. With rotation and no alignment issues, tires should go twice the mileage rating in miles. There are exceptions in brands that use softer compunds that wear faster.. Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone are examples. It's not Pepboys, it's all tire sales.