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  • bradbaum41 bradbaum41 Sep 5, 2012 8:33 PM Flag

    Man Milker Milton

    the man named milton was not just any man, he was a man with strength girth stamina stability...he never had to cook anything or eat anything in his kitchen that required diary and or "milk"....he was a special man, pne that produced his own milk here and which will refer to as "man milk".....he has an unusually large sack that will also from this moment forward be referred to as a "man sack"...milton one day after seeing pep boys stock go off the board, secreted so much "man milk" that his man sack was rendered empty....his man sack shriveled up and as did his milk, due to it being in a constant state of "bone" due to seeing the criminal management at pebboys receive firm and stiff financial correction as their stock trades for a stinky (1/64 - yes there is such a thing lol) and they see all their stores fold up because everyone finally realized that they were trying bamboozle milker milton that shoots man milk (aka-mannus) is no is no ordinary man and he thank the Lord is still with us today. He is indeed cherished by all dairy farmers and producers....he was is a man of milk and a very avid believer of elsie the cow...may he continue to see the pus and milk being blown out of himself as the pep boys stock price ultimately reaches its final destination ...a stinky (1/64) and the thug managment be put out into the street where they belong once and for all.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell