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  • czarinaofcamelyacht czarinaofcamelyacht Nov 13, 2012 1:05 AM Flag

    I stopped by my local Pep Boys shop today,

    as I've noticed it seems to always be busy.

    And I asked at the Service Counter if someone could help me with my Check Engine light that was on.

    One Service guy was on the phone, but made time to acknowledge me, and said he'd be right with me.

    Seconds later, another Service guy came to the counter and offered assistance. I explained my issue, he offered to assist, and stated his name.


    I live a block or 2 away, so I explained I'd bring my car up in a few minutes, if I didn't need to schedule. Gene basically said: "Bring it in, I'll read the code, and we can fix ya up."

    I did, and he made me feel confident in their pricing and solution methods.

    He explained that the mechanic who specialized in my sort of issues was on leave today, but to come back tomorrow, and the will get the job done.

    Gene was prompt, courteous, gracious, and had that Can Do attitude that makes me want to be a customer.

    If my car issue is solved at a reasonable price in the Pep Boys shop, I may choose to become a shareholder.

    Folks have choices where to spend their money; and quality, fair pricing, and great customer service go the distance.

    I'm looking forward to another positive experience at Pep Boys, even if it is more expensive than I anticipate.

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    • Back from the shop, with receipt and paid bill in hand. My Chariot is running well, and apparently has not other immediate issues, according to the mechanic and service counter staff.

      I'm relieved, and it was a large bill. But the staff explained to me, prior to my authorizing the work, that I needed to have one part of the servicing done, to be sure the replacement sensor would work well; now, and in the future.

      I didn't feel like it was a Sell Up. I felt that they were giving me the straight scoop, and want me to be their customer in the future.

      I did notice a 10% discount coupon online at the website, and when I explained that my printer was in my truck, the Customer Service person who was accepting my payment offered to print the coupon to make certain I received the discount.

      10% isn't much, but it's about the CA tax rate, and it went a long way for him to make both of us feel like we had a "deal."

      So far, I'm a satisfied customer. And that's a busy shop. PBY is on my Watch List, and an entry point could happen as soon as tomorrow.

      Thanks to the Gals and Guys who greeted and serviced me. It's really all about You, when a customer Chooses to come back, and their expectations are met, or exceeded.