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  • pedro9xxx pedro9xxx Nov 22, 2012 10:05 AM Flag

    Mario only sees Pepboys as a buyout target - no hope otherwise

    If you all had actually seen and heard Mario on Squawk Box you might not be so joyous.
    PBY was mentioned first in Marios list of stocks and he added the buyout proviso specifically to Pepboys.

    He did not mention the failed $15 deal nor the 50 million that wayward buyer paid to get out of the deal after he saw how badly Pepboys really stunk.

    Mario obviously holds a long position he is betting will go up so he can get out.

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    • I don't think Mario is very good at picking stocks, Pedro.
      I remember years ago when he tauted Kerr Glass as the stock to buy.
      Within a year it went bankrupt.

      Besides, Mario is an old angry man who is only out to feather his own nest.
      If he says to buy a stock its probably because he wants the demand to raise the shareprice so he can get out making money on your unfortunate choice of investments.