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  • crowbar24382 crowbar24382 Dec 5, 2012 7:17 PM Flag

    what the problem here

    what going on with this stock ?

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    • Ill tell you. Im a Master Tech worked for PepBoys for 17 yrs when i started the stock price was 34.00 a share. I dont do oil changes but when i do its pays a flat rate .3 to do it. The parts take 1.5 hrs to get them. Customers get #$%$ go to Jiffy Lube PBY goes down. Go to the store side and get your own parts and LP comes down and fires you. The camaras are working out great they are all pointed at the employees not the customers stealing. Go to the sales floor and try to get a part if you can between the employee cell phone calls and the texting or looking up stuff on the internet also try to find an employee that knows parts not a part time high school student. Please dont take me wrong but i have alot of stock in my 401k that pby doesent put into anymore why is it called a 401K ? After all of this i found a new job. Im not bashing PBY but this is whats going on.

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      • What do you think about PBY renting out service bays to brand specialist mechanics? It might be good use of the bay areas that they can't seem to generate enough earnings from. Upon preliminary look at quarterly report, it looked like the service side lost money. Cars need less service these days, and when they do, their owners probably perceive that they'd best bring their car to a brand, or at least country-of-manufacture, specialist. PBY would be able to supply some parts to the indy's who rent the bays, but PBY would have to work for it. If they don't, the indy will get their parts down the street. No matter what, PBY MUST, I repeat MUST, modernize their image, and think outside their present toolbox, to survive, IMHO.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • more buyers than sellers.....big jump in price yesterday!!!