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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Jun 10, 2013 6:26 PM Flag

    O'Dell Is the Man

    As I have said for years, O'Dell is incompetent. Not currently in PBY but for a company to do over a half BILLION in sales and make only $100,000 after the one time tax credit taken in the first quarter (not to be repeated I'm pretty sure in the next 3 quarters). Wow. And another new and exciting store model to be duplicated in Tampa and probably the rest of the company.......oh but forget that. By the time they get it 1/4th rolled out they will have another new and exciting model. Don't forget all these remodels cost a lot of money. That's probably where the constant impairments for $1.2 million this quarter alone come from as they write down the value of assets when they remodel and the old but still good ones become obsolescent. The question tomorrow is how far down in the $11's will we go. We should be around $10. The sales number may give some hope but sales can be bought at the cost of margins. I suspect if they had another 1-2% in sales increases they would actually have lost money this quarter. Sorry for the longs. If we see the 10's I may get back in just on the old perennial turnaround hope. The assets at least are worth close to $10......DaninFW

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You've been negative since $8.50.

      A broken clock has a better track record Dan !

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      • Smaycs4----I may have a bad record for PBY but O'Dell's is worse. I have made over a half million trading PBY stock over last 5-6 years so if that's a bad don't follow me so you don't know my investing criteria. I don't believe in investing in even odds. Yes, PBY can go to $15 or $9. Why invest when it can go up $3 or down $3. I prefer better odds with my capital. As can be seen on my messages posted on these boards, I recommended RAD at $ over $3 in a few months. I recommended GTN at under $2 now over $7 in about a year, TVL at under $3-4 now almost $15, SBGI under $2-3 now almost $29 and now I like SD at under $5.......where I see downside of 50 cents to a dollar and upside of $3 to $10............again if PBY drops to $11 or under it then becomes a 2 to one play with downside $2 and upside $ can invest anyway you want but not me. DaninFW

    • might be right on a dip in price..I guess it has a lot to do with how the CC transpires. In the meantime, PBY shares are surprisingly firm in the premarket.The fact that they were able to juice up their SSS could prevent the shares form falling.too much.

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      • Sorthigh----I wish you luck. I have always made a lot of money buying PBY for about 18 years now by buying when they don't make expectation and then selling stock as it moves up always hoping they do it the next time. One of the best trading stocks in history thanks to incompetent CEO after incompetent CEO and clueless and overpaid BOD's. DaninFW

        Sentiment: Strong Sell