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  • panzer_88s panzer_88s Aug 18, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    If only I'd sold out at 14

    This POS stock just keeps edging downward.
    And look at that P/E ratio -- this stock is junk.
    And do we hear much if anything from management anymore?
    And you just have to know that whatever they say is mostly just lies......

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    • don't worry, you will have another chance to capture $14 again

    • I sold some at $15 and then about 4 months later bought more at $8.91.
      PBY will be sold again. Just a matter of time & the exact price.
      I bet the old buyer would happily pay $14 right now. But the board is holding out for more as they should.

      I expect $15.75- $17.00 depending on when and the markets between now & whenever PBY is sold.

      If its as bad as you say, just sell at $12.19 and move on with your life.

      Dan=broken clock. Right 2 times out of 1440.

    • PBY is a $9-10 stock based purely on real estate assets and if market corrects will drop quickly. I have played this stock for almost 20 years now. It is a perennial buyout rumor. The last buyer decided it was cheaper to pay PBY $50 million just to walk away. The recent report from Wal-Mart that lowered expect from second half 2013 should be concerning for all. When times get hard people put off maintenance and all but necessary repairs. Interest rates being at 2 year highs will also discourage a buyout unless it happens VERY soon. The biggest problem with PBY is O'Dell as I have said for years. He is the man with no real plan. The latest HR hire brings on another with no experience in this area. I laughed when I saw they were finally going to get employees focused on customer service as their culture shift........I spent almost 18 years in auto parts and PBY was where you went to work when you either got fired from AZO, ORLY or AAP or couldn't get hired by them. I could go on and on. Nobody is going to pay top dollar for a failed model. If they ever do, I have some things I would like to sell them too. A great trading stock below $10 because of perennial buyout rumors. DaninFW

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