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  • shorthighcoverlower shorthighcoverlower Sep 9, 2013 9:39 PM Flag

    what happened?

    Bad quarter that 's for sure, that's probably why they didn't repurchase any shares during the second quarter. The PBY higher-ups knew they would have the opportunity to buy back the shares after the stinker earnings results were released , at a much lower price, so they deserve kudos for at least postponing the share purchases.

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    • The projections I made were based on achievement by minimally capable management which O'Dell once again proved me wrong. It's hard to lower my expect even lower on him.......but he once again did it. The BOD's need to fire him. In a nutshell they increased service revenues from $112 to $115 million but then went from $107 to $115 for cost of revenues. In other words it cost these idiots $8 million in extra expenses to generate $3 million in revenues...........The extra 5 million alone would have dropped another dime to bottom line and they would have hit their EPS numbers. As I have said for years they need to fix what they have before they acquire other stores. They are buying poorly run stores that the owners want to sell and the idiots at PBY's are running even them into the ground. They shouldn't even consider buying any more stores till they can fix their broken model. DaninFW