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  • sanshoe_98 sanshoe_98 Sep 30, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    Downey Pepboys Rip Snortin Breaking Bad Party

    At the signal, all the associates dropped tools and left early to start our Breaking Bad party.

    I had iced down about 10 [ten] cases of beer the day before, and in the course of bar-b-que, party games, and the BB marathon before the actual final show at 9pm, we did go thru the full 10 cases and I believe someone even made a beer run for a few more 6-packs to tide us thru the actual showing of the final episode.

    It was a spell-binding final episode. Several of my associates emotionally noted that Walt did not kiss or hug Skyler at his last live meeting with Skyler [he should have known he wasn't going to come out of what came alter].

    Most all of my associates also stayed to watch the Bad Talk show after the final episode where they interview most of the cast. Very interesting.

    So this morning I go out into the back yard and what do I find? Three of my best mechanics passed out on the grass covered in dew and sound asleep.
    The garden hose woke them up. Fortunately they brought there Pepboys work clothes [that were dry], so they changed into them and staggered off to work today.

    The store crew had a good time and will get thru today's work somehow.