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  • Shishkabob27 Shishkabob27 Jan 23, 1998 5:28 PM Flag


    As of now, I don't own and shares what so ever. Actually
    I've never owned any shares. I just opened up an account
    with Suretrade. Does anyone know if they're reliable? $7.95
    a transaction is quite a deal. Anyways I'm interested in purchasing Pby shares. I work for an auto repair shop who gets
    many of their parts from Parts USA. Or is it Usa Parts. For those that didn't know, that chain is owned by Pby. In fact all the USA PARTS stores are gona be changed to PEP BOYS
    EXPRESS. I have a good feeling about this company's future.
    Small competetors of USA parts are already going down. This
    means PBY is going up. Anyone like to give an ametuer some

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    • I don't own any of this stock, but what is happening here does mirror many of my investments of latr. Reread this messagr
      board, especially message 80 and those before. A lot of people saw this coming, but I would not have either. There is absolutely NO
      good news here. I believe this stock may well pull what Alteon did today. I think it may well be at $15 by the end of the day as
      PBY seems to be getting its lunch eaten in many markets. No way you really could havre known, so have a drink, bend over, and
      enjoy it. I am only amazed that I didn't get in on this one.

    • Just heard on CNBC. PBY posting loss tomorrow. Remember
      what happen several quarters ago! I look for a 4 or 5 point
      drop tomorrow. This is tough,... just as we were starting to make
      a slow but positive move upward again. Now there will be
      less confidence than ever before in management. I'm
      bailing out first thing tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get back on
      board when things settle down.

    • What would have been earning/loss w/o this write off? How does one calculate earning after subtracting the write off? Thanks in advance.

    • PBY announced record sales, not earnings. Their expenses apparently increased more than their sales did, leaving them with a decrease in earnings.

      We will know more when earnings are released on March 19.

    • I guess I'm just too simple to understand the ways of the market but when a company reports record earnings, isn't that good? I'm giving up trying to interpret the news any more. I'm sick of it!

    • ace tracker. interesting post but could you be more specific on what your talking about. king pain.

    • I saw somewhere recently, I've believe last Wednesday"s Wall Street Journal, that there has been some insider buying going
      on. Perhaps some more is going on this week. I think this is a fine company which is temporarily out of favor. Once an improved
      earnings quarter is reported, this one should take off. Where else do you go today to get a car repaired, excluding dealers? They've
      got a lock on the repair service business and with as many cars as there are on the road today, I can't see them going anywhere
      but up,up,up! This one should be a steal at today's prices.

    • Why was PBY up 11/16 today? Was it downgraded? This stock seems to do well when it's downgraded.

    • Thanks for your analysis of PBY. Your outlook on PBY looks good as for people searching for low risk growth stocks.

      I've shopped at PBY on occaison (When I couldn't find a particualr part at the local parts store) and didn't think that they are as organized as the SuperTrack stores in Southern California. Are they modernizing their stores like their competitors? Maybe they have, but I haven't seen any in my area.

    • >> I read in an earlier post that PBY doesn't have much competition. <<

      Perhaps someone misspoke or the message was misunderstood. PBY has lots of competition in the auto parts sector. Most are weaker companies but Autozone is one competitor that is operating real well this year. Kind of beating up on PBY you might say.

      In the repair service market, though, PBY is pretty much alone. You might say there is no competition in that area. Too bad that's only part of the story.

      As to why PBY might be a good investment: It has a recent history of 16.5% EPS growth except for 1997 which is down about 5%. People are worried that this is the beginning of a new trend.

      However Value Line says it predicts 14.5% EPS growth to 2001.
      Let's assume 10% -- this projects EPS of $2.66 in 2001.
      P/E of 22 is a fair assumption for that time, which would multiply to a stock price of $58.50 in 2001.

      Current price is $24, and current P/E is 15. If this simple model holds true, return on your stock investment will be over 20% for 5 years compounded. Not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a pretty darn good investment return nonetheless.

      Any questions?

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