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  • mcandec mcandec Dec 11, 1998 5:19 PM Flag

    Again no facts

    8. You seem to have 8 on your mind . I guess your just behind the 8 ball?

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      19, 1999--Innovative Holdings & Technologies, Inc.
      (OTC BB: IHTL), has entered into a strategic internet
      software development partnership with the Interface Group,
      Inc. of Palm Harbor, Florida.

      The Interface
      Group Inc., a developer of next generation internet
      messaging software, will launch their revolutionary
      technology on IHTL's new Global Sports Network (GSN). These
      technologies merge audio, video, mechanical and physiological
      data captured at live sporting events and provided by
      GSN's subsidiary, Xtreme Telemetry Systems. Global
      Sports Network, "the total internet sports experience,"
      will be able to use these new technologies to provide
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    • Check out IHTL.

      PBY, the Indy Racing
      league and IHTL are teaming up to bring both car data,
      speed, rpm, g-force and physiologic data of the driver,
      heart rate, respiratory rate, grip pressure to both TV
      and the Internet.

      IHTL appears to be a very
      exciting company. They technology that will bring real
      time telemetry to all sports. Sponsorships revenue is
      suppose to be substantial.

      Check out

    • Ultimately it is the public who decides. People
      can rail on one bad experience they had, or
      conversely how much they like doing business there (like
      me), but ultimately the court of public opinion will
      decide whether PBY(or any biz)is successful by casting
      their votes (dollars). PBY has been very good at making
      sales, and if they can figure out how to hold on to the
      bottom line should do well for themselves and their
      investors. I just feel that they are uniquely positioned as
      the only real alternative to dealer shops where a
      customer can buy parts as well as get the work done. I do
      love the recent posts by Lillian Jean and
      EyeAmWatching, both of whom obviously care about the company and
      have history there. There is a certain urgency felt in
      these posts (and I share the belief) that PBY mgmt has
      got to get the business under control, figure out
      where their place is in the automotive industry, and be
      the best they can be in that place. No investor can
      ask for more. And I love the recent tone on this

    • Yes, but PBY has a problem in that they are
      concentrating on a segment of the industry that is loaded with
      potential landmines. The car repair industry has had a bad
      reputation for so long that the customers' perception of it
      is by default negative. People hate going to a
      mechanic almost as much as they do going to a dentist.
      Yes, cars are getting more hi-tech. What does that
      really mean? They are getting so sophisticated that they
      (the cars) can do most of the diagnosis of what is
      wrong. What is the difference between a DIY'r and a
      mechanic repairing a car? The mechanic has the knowledge
      in his head or on a computer to quickly pinpoint the
      potential faulty component and replace it. He has the
      expensive tools to aid in the diagnosis. Not talking about
      major repairs here. Just things that a DIY'r could do
      if he had the knowledge and confidence. The day will
      NEVER COME that DIY'rs won't work on their cars. They
      do it because of economic neccessity or they do it
      because the can and want to. If an auto parts store can
      give the customer the knowledge to preform the repair,
      and that customer is confident that he / she can
      actually do it (a relection of how well they were educated
      to do the repair) then they will do it, and return
      again when they need help. The parts biz is a "service"
      industry any way you look at it. You just need to decide
      which segment has the smallest potential for unhappy
      customers and then go BTTW for it. And YES!!!!!! a company
      does need good NET profits to go with sales!

    • All you have to do is read what and how you post in the AZ board and it is quite obvious where you work!

    • Since you know the auto biz, you no doubt also
      know that what a lot of the really negative posters
      say here does not make sense. They use a decline in
      the DIY market to reason that Peps will not do well
      in the future. While Peps certainly sells quality
      hard parts for the do-it-yourselfer, they have techs
      to install the parts. As cars get more and more
      high-tech, I see Peps as being the more reasonably price
      alternative to dealer shops. Further, the accessory market is
      still the bastion of the DIYer (maybe the last), and
      Peps sells the highest quality, best known brands for
      this market. We just need good NET profits to go with
      the sales!

    • How enjoyable to read a literate, well-reasoned
      (and correctly spelled) opinion on this board, rather
      than the knee-jerk (emphasis on "jerk") pros and

      You state the problems very clearly. The issue now is
      (as I said in one of my initial posts) whether the
      market will give them the chance to regroup, or simply
      torpedo them for not meeting an EPS target that was
      inflated to begin with.

      This is a classic case of
      a company that grew fast but didn't grow smart.
      I've seen it at other companies; "top line is
      everything and net income will take care of itself."
      As many conglomerates built in the 80's are now
      learning, better to focus on your core competencies than
      have a finger in every pie and dilute your
      efforts/attention. That's why the Exxon rumor is just smoke. With
      gas at less than $1/gallon, why on earth do they need
      to saddle themselves with a modestly profitable,
      tenously related line of business?

      I'm actually
      pleased to see PBY dump the Parts USA stores. In fact, I
      think they should retrench further, maybe sell off the
      lowest-performing 50 stores. Lose half the VPs and all the
      Assistant VPs; the managers who actually work for a living
      are smart and dedicated enough to take up the slack.
      If the wholesale business does not perform up to
      expectations in 2-3 years, dump it. And buy back some stock to
      get the price and EPS up NOW!!

      Better to be
      small and healthy than big and weak. Peps' best bet may
      be to go private to recuperate for 5 years or so...
      any thoughts?

      Happy holidays, and may the New
      Year bring you health and prosperity.

    • You are correct in that I don't post under
      several alias's. I am the one and only EnTheKnow. You are
      however incorrect about my knowledge of PBY and the
      automotive aftermarket. Because I need to maintain an vauge
      identity in order to post on any message boards here, I
      have to be somewhat reserved in the detail in which I
      reveal my knowledge of events, etc. As with employees of
      PBY (Philly_Girl, Nancy K., and others) there are
      many others employed by my company that read these
      boards. We all monitor the market for info and insight to
      our business. In all, I monitor around 30 stocks,
      both for business and personal reasons. I can not
      afford to be mistaken as an "official" spokesperson for
      my company, so I, as many others, choose to remain
      "incognito". I could spill my guts on what I know but someone
      close would put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4.
      Not a very smart thing to do. Remember, a good poker
      player keeps his cards close to his vest.

    • Pep Boys evolved over decades and was able to
      expand and thrive by virtue of providing their workforce
      with whatever was necessary to keep their customers
      coming back for all their automotive needs. There was a
      genuinely strong and honest ethic in treating all their
      customers and employees with respect that set them apart
      from their competition. That very respect incited
      dedication and enabled Pep Boys to overcome the negative
      standards and practices that had long been associated with
      the automotive industry.

      The sad fact is that
      PBY is involved in a very competitive business and
      the knee-jerk decision making that has become the
      recent mode of operation will not and cannot yield
      beneficial results. It's almost impossible to provide the
      superior customer service requisite to generate consumer
      loyalty, when you are focusing on the ranting abuse being
      generated from layers of management who are mircro-managing
      and are themselves, very out of touch with what is
      required to operate successfully on a store

      Top management needs to get off their collective
      pedestal and view things from the trenches before they add
      anymore to the pressure cooker environment that has
      become the unfortunate reality as of late. The mass
      exodus that has already taken place is staggering and I
      don't feel it has yet come to an end.

      Please it
      is time to Wake Up and Open Your Eyes!

    • there is no doubt that, as an investment, PBY has
      been a downward disappointment for the last year.
      Despite record sales, present management has been unable
      to post decent net earnings. This appears to be the
      result of cleaning up "sins" of the past management.
      WE'LL SEE, WON'T WE! By the way, you are NOT the person
      I feel may hear from someone, unless you are
      posting under other I.D.s. I do not think so, since the
      writing style and verbage is different. I still don't
      think you are in the know, however, at least about PBY.

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