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  • jack_1966 jack_1966 Nov 14, 1999 9:13 PM Flag


    Ok you preDICK it on the money but let me add my
    2 cents

    I think Wall ST. put the earning
    expetation way too high knowing that PBY will come in short
    then as usual it get hammered.

    I will put most
    of the blame on those greasy yuppie New

    Second PBY earn more money (and pay Divident) than
    yahoo, aol. and AMZN combine, PBY is not a trend stock
    as the internet stock there is a saying on wall ST
    don`t fight the trend, go with it. If PBY was an
    internet stock with it`s earning it will be trading at
    about $400 a share agree?

    This whole mess sound
    very fishey I know some big brokrage company was
    accumalating PBY for the last 2 months and the earning
    expatation was place too high for a reason some thing here
    is not right don`t know what else to say exept the
    board is your`s i am out of here.

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    • Thanks! Always interested in ideas!

    • The Stocks listed by S&P to benefit from january effect .AMSY,AMES,CGO,CPQ,SBUX,RX,LIPO,MWHS,PBY,RAYS.

    • But, please do the sensible thing. Go to the
      Better Business Bureau - they're always happy to hear
      from people like you. If you feel you were
      discriminated against because of your religion, by all means,
      sue. Write letters to the editor relating your story.
      For your sake and for the sake of other, would-be PBY
      customers, let your story be heard in the proper forum.
      Obviously, this board can't help you.
      Frankly, I don't
      know which is more painful - losing your Horizon the
      way you did or holding a sinking investment like this

    • Subj: someone agreed to Pay! !!!!!
      Date: 11/16/1999 2:34 pm EST
      Someone told me they
      understood the situation and agreed to pay 3/4 of the costs
      I lost through PeP's .

      was it the tooth fairy?

    • Someone told me they understood the situation and
      agreed to pay 3/4 of the costs I lost through PeP's . I
      don't know if its true but I have enough info to
      believe them.I am out of here .I am going to BBB also.To
      anyone who has a LEGITIMATE complaint the internet is a
      cool tool to get your point across. I could only say
      the following, lots more could have been posted and
      said. This was a bad experience I hope no one ever has,
      and Pep Boys had plenty of opportunities to right it
      but did not. I wish you luck with your stock choice
      because some here were very nice.To the others who did
      not question the company or the particulars of the
      complaint but spent your time criticizing me, is it any
      wonder?There are good people and rotten and the rotten rarely

    • they are in a little bunch.They lost about 75% while the markets have jumped 200 percent.Hahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhhhhaahahhahahahhahahahhah

    • I wanted to say that BUT didn't want to be end_scent_tive. to his complaint. Again been there and got several Tee shirts.. Thanks Thanks.

    • just thought you should have the
      facts....concerning the person that wrote 666 on the side of your
      tire in blue crayon..... those tire crayons are
      usually yellow or white.... if you are gonna make
      something up at least try to get the details

      that is NUTCASE!!!!


    • .... take the hint......LEAVE!!!!

      I for
      one have quit paying attention to your posts...(other
      than to use them to laugh at)for the following

      1. you need to learn either the english language or
      go back to school and learn how to construct a
      sentence and use punctuation.

      2. people seldom tell
      all the facts and the more they tell a story the more
      fantasy slips in... ( the manager writing 666 on the
      tire....yea ...right..)

      3. you have proven yourself to
      be a NUTCASE!!!! How many times do you have to be
      told???? call a lawyer.... call the BBB the
      FBI.... the CIA ... whoever!!! I don't care!! This board
      is not the place for it!!!

      Go whine
      someplace else!!!!

      But just one thing before you
      go...... please tell us all what drug you are taking???
      The information might come in handy if I should ever
      want to become a deranged

      Laterzzzzzzzz to all (except eric)

    • the decision to build 100 Parts USA was a really
      bad move, we dumped a lot of money here trying to
      take a larger share from AZO. and soon found if you
      don't have the service to back you up it is hard to
      compet with a company like the zone,A good Company not
      trying to lessen there ability to operate, when they
      carry second quality parts, and Parts usa was carring
      top of the line. People who trade with AZO are
      looking for price not quality, going to trade soon. This
      along with the addition of the auto parts delivery, A
      great consept, just not well thought out before put in
      place. put a damper on our botton line. With the sale of
      Parts USA and the growth of APD we are coming back
      fast, we are building new service centers asap with 12
      bays and looking at areas where we can add bays to
      present units. PBY is Not Dead just a little bent.but we
      have the blacksmith working on it. And there are
      always Eric, am sure are some merits to his complaint,
      but can bet every ticket will reflect other work
      needed to his shinny horizon (shinny Horizon, this is a
      throw away car not made to last more than 10 years, a
      Chrysler product, hard as hell to get parts for anyway.)

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