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  • timmm54 timmm54 Nov 15, 1999 10:21 AM Flag

    More trends?

    More service companies starting to come to
    market.More companies are stressing customer satisfaction
    while this company seems to be going the other way.Pep
    Boys service does not have a good reputation and its
    getting worse.Peg Boys prices for service is not
    cheap.Other companies now stressing lifetime warranties ..Not

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    • are you an idiot or do you just play one on this board ???

    • spread_the_word_of_jesus spread_the_word_of_jesus Nov 18, 1999 3:51 AM Flag

      Pep Boys should get rid of its manager who
      delights in putting the mark of the anit-christ on the
      tire of a customer who has been ill treated by that
      Pep Boys shop.

      Real Christian folks will not
      have anything to do with a business that is perceived
      to be pro-Devil worship.

      If Pep Boys has
      adopted the sign of the pentagram, then all religious
      leaders have to take action to cease all repair activity
      contracted at Pep Boys stores.

      In His

    • Prices can be different between various stores
      because of the BRAND name of the part they are selling.
      Also, some have Lifetime warranties - some don't.
      Example: Brake pads. Where is the part made? Mexico? Asia?
      Remember that Value = (Quality x Price).

    • Went into local PBY store. Was impressed inside.
      Manager greeted me and offered genuine help re wipers and
      sealt belt adjustment on a new car. More than Mercedes
      dealership could do!!! Will definetly go back. One negative
      tho. Outside of store was trashy. Garbage cans full.
      Trash on ground immediately around front entrance.
      Buyers in store however not too many in service area.
      Not many cars in parking lot and garage bay doors
      closed. bb in ag

    • Do you deal with the facts or are you a total
      moron? Does the store have a money back policy or not?
      Did roughly the same parts break EVERYTIME they fixed
      it? Did they tell him they would warrant it? Did they
      inspect it? Well obviously you are a twit for not
      bothering with the facts.You are mean spirited. Are you
      short? To you its a conspiracy guy, not to him, he seems
      to have a good spirit. Its interesting, to some its
      either a junk problem , make of car problem , a
      character problem but not the facts , pep Boys work or
      their guarantee is it? is it?.First the car, now its
      Eric.How about dealing with the facts? Has any manager who
      has so elegantly explained this nice companies
      customer relations actually try to see what happen.
      Finally are you short or are you nuts? Deal with the
      facts brother.

    • I am long on this stock and real nervous. This
      seems to be on the downslide. I was long on APS
      A) and rode it out becuase they to were a large
      automotive company with close to a billion in sales and now
      they are nothing. I have seen many retail auto stores
      come and go from my area, many on the regional or
      national level. To top it off, I thought it was a little
      funny Pep Boys timing of the gift certificates to raise
      money. I did some price shopping. I called Pep Boys and
      got a price on a part. Then I called Auto Zone ,
      Advance and a traditional parts store (Carquest). Pep
      Boys price was $139 , Auto Zone & Advance were both at
      $94 and the Carquest (witch had a repetitaion of
      being high $ to the walk in was $136. What is going on
      ? Pep Boys used be competitive in price. I think I
      learned my lesson with APS, unless someone has some
      concrete news Im selling and moving on. Auto Parts stock
      has not been good to me. I also own some AZO , and
      given my position there (witch is ahead) If I sell AZO
      my losses will be minimal in the big picture. Good
      luck to those of you hanging in there and if anyone
      has any postive info on PBY please post it.

      PS. This board needs to return to stock talk and
      company business. One bith post is ok, but that eric
      thing is getting old.

    • (whichever one ) Eric has one problem or another
      his whole life. The world is against him, right ? He
      probably has nothing else to do all day (doesn't work)so
      the world is against him.
      The world is full of
      Eric's : they are the kind who buy a VCR from
      WalMart(ie) keep it for 29 days and return it for full credit
      before the 30th day. As the unit cannot be re-sold,
      WalMart (ie) takes it in the shorts.They are leeches on
      society-at least he'll be a leech from home, being his
      shined up Horizon is now reflecting the sun in a Philly

    • try e-mailing him I already did .His case is
      pretty open and shut.His car was not the issue for eight
      months when they inspected it or took his money was it?
      According to Eric it wasn't even a issue when they offered
      to repair it 24 hrs earlier , was it? Aha, when they
      realized the car had more problems then they were willing
      to repair it BECAME the issue. Where was the
      warranty? Satisfaction or money back? Where was it for him?
      I ask you again if this company has that policy
      where was it for him? I also think he should protest
      out front. He has the reciepts and fax receipts.
      Where is the answer ? Why are you so concerned with
      him? Do you get the same answers from the company as
      Eric is allowing us? Can you say NONONONON? Do you
      think he is the only person with problems here?
      (hahaha). Perhaps you are afraid of the truth.

    • before you respond to the Eric lunacy / soap
      opera / outlasted its entertainment value a long time
      ago, READ THE BYLINE these Eric's are 10 years apart
      "eric2865" & "eric2855"
      each post on this board
      GET A
      JOB---so you can buy another ChryCo POS

    • I feel so sorry for Eric and his plight with
      pepboys who screwed him over royally.

      Eric seems
      real proud that he has taken care of his Horizon car
      and proud enough to take it in to get repaired when
      it needed it.

      His big big big mistake was
      taking it a pepboys repair place. He would have been
      better off to go back to a dealer repair shop. He
      probably wouldn't have paid any more, and the job would
      have been done right in the first place. AND (note my
      caps) Eric would have a bight shinny Horizon that was
      driveable right now. Not so with Pepboys in

      Here's supporting Eric in his campaign to sue those
      bastards at pepboys. Maybe Eric could be interviewed on
      CNBC. Joe Kernen would get a kick out of the shoddy
      customer service foisted onto Eric by pepboys. Pepboys
      deserves a good chewing out by Joe.

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