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  • az_freaker13 az_freaker13 Oct 18, 2000 9:49 PM Flag

    Sinking Ship

    As an employee of Pep Boys I have seen with my
    own eyes the reducton of authorized hours,
    demotions(reduction of positions), and reduction of employees. I had
    good faith in this company ever since I first applied
    four years ago. Since then I have seen many excellent
    managers fired, demoted, or pushed until they quit. With
    the head honchos not knowing what to do with sales
    positions like changing the Parts Manager to the Retail
    Sales Manager and dropping them from 48 hours to 45,
    also changing the 2nd Asst Mngr to the Sales Floor
    Manager. Someone needs to take control of the company and
    lead it out of this slump. If Mitch can't handle it
    anymore t then the stock holders should can him like they
    have canned many employees that worked their asses off
    for this company. After the meetings today most
    stores(not all) will get their hours cut once again and for
    what so upper management can show more profits. If
    there is no one that is there to run the counter how
    much profits will they have?

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    • I find it hard to believe that someone with such
      a negative outlook could possibly hide that from
      their employees and customers.
      At least your posts
      have calmed down somewhat, you're being much more
      factual and are not letting your anger show nearly as
      much. It makes you sound much more sincere.
      Luck in whatever you decide to do.

    • Peace and Good Luck to you all!

    • negative..sales were flat when I came on. See you
      think you know but you have no clue. Any store that
      performs that great for that long will eventually flatten
      out in sales. You have got it all wrong.

    • I know what you mean. My husband has worked for
      Pep Boys for 14 years and has broken bones because of
      Management (first asst. out in the shop) trying to get
      Manager fired, Going to different stores as a White Shirt
      (before checker colliers) And almost losing his family
      because of the hours. And still the 'company' just turned
      there backs when he was in the bad stores where people
      would come in with guns and point them at him. Just
      like your husband my was promised a good store for all
      his sacifices (spelling) in getting the other 5
      stores numbers up. But he is back to a gray shirt in the
      shop and is happier but the promises of raises keep
      coming but the money does not. He has not had a raise in
      5 years. Just like you I am also a very angry wife.

    • Okay, now I am convinced that you just want to
      gripe. Previously, you complianed about the "bone-us"
      program citing high budget numbers that keep you from
      making the cash. Now, you admit that the store has been
      in double-D's for 4 wonder why your
      budget was set high. I would bet that the double-D's
      were before you were recruited to PB, right?

    • > Subj: C_ford_wins_wife
      > By:
      > Date: 10/21/00 7:41 am
      > That was
      an excellent post,concise and to the point.
      If your husband was a second asst. manager what type
      of pay
      > cut or hour reduction did he actually
      get? Hard workers are
      > difficult to find and
      shouldn't be wasted and my
      > understanding of the new
      changes is that there is some flexibility for the
      > person. Has your husband talked to anyone in the
      position to
      > help?

      Hi Joe

      Yes, he
      talked to everybody, nothing can be done.

      this is coming down after he made a major shift just 4
      weeks ago. He basically did the company a favor by
      transferring from the store up the street (literally 1 mile
      away) to a store that is 20 miles away. This was a swap
      with another employee who worked at that store and
      also lives in our home town, but had lost
      transportation. It was either do this or the other employee would
      have to quit. My husband was made 2nd assistant in
      this move, and he was eager for it. He was told that
      he would not get a pay raise as that store could not
      afford him otherwise, but he felt it was the "right
      thing to do". The one thing he was guaranteed was 5 hr.
      overtime, and he was willing to deal with that as he is
      what I call a "Company Man" and loyal to a fault...and
      on this occasion, LITERALLY.

      In this little
      farce of an attempt to save a company that has been
      mismanaged on top, and martyred from the bottom up, my
      husband's only incentive was cut. He has no OT. Now he is
      going out of his way without compensation. He feels
      betrayed, not by his manager, or the regional manager, but
      by the company as a whole. He is not the only one.
      Another friend who works at Pep Boys (another "Company
      Man") turned down a management position at Lowes or
      Home Depot a few weeks ago. I do not see those places
      hurting at this time, do you? Like my husband, this man
      believed that he could make a difference in a company that
      has so much history that it is almost an American
      institution. For all his concern about the company, last week
      he was demoted and his hours cut to PART TIME. I am
      not the only angry wife, I can assure you.

      husband is at the end of his rope. He is depressed, and
      feels unappreciated by the company. He is not one of
      these people who works toward the "Status quo" but a
      man who seeks to excel. If Pep Boys can not see past
      the figures and to the employees that serve the
      customers WELL, then they are going to be forced to take
      from the bottom of the work-force (Will the real Slim
      Shady PLEASE STAND UP, there is a job at Pep Boys for
      you). Yeah, like THAT is going to improve

      To my husband�s credit, he is NOT quitting Pep Boys
      YET. He is looking, and I am sure the competitors will
      look for him. When that time comes he will give 2
      weeks notice and then give 100% because doing less is
      below his professional ethic. In the mean time he has
      given them 2 weeks to find another person to be an 2nd
      assistant, and will be turning over his key. If he is going
      to give so much of himself to a company that could
      care less about his contribution to them, then why
      should he bother dealing with the added hassle it takes
      to be there early to open the store, and stay late
      to sort out somebody else�s mistakes. At least he
      will be home at a decent hour, his family appreciates

      You see, I would rather see my husband relaxed and
      happy and forever in blue jeans, then upset, tired, and
      over worked in white shirt with a checker-board

      Peace to you, and Blessed Be.


    • Linda is sure management material all
      Stuff she knows is wrong but comes from the top is
      mindlessly passed on down to the dweebs. She just makes sure
      it has a positive spin on it.

      So she
      cheerfully instructed all her Jewish mechanics to have a
      chance to get cleaned up by going into that special
      shower building.

      Knowing that something is wrong
      and doing nothing about it is just as bad as thinking
      up the evil deed yourself.

      What will she do
      when she is invited into Mitch's plush chambers and
      then asked to give him a blowjob?

    • i know linda , its perfect in your store. Your
      grass is greener, your house is bigger , your car is
      newer. Man you are smug. I was talking about gross
      profit not net. But the fact remains the same. My master
      puts more money in the bottom line. And so do yours,
      providing their doing high tech work.

    • nightmare in my market right now , techs are in
      super high demand. I have 5. Most stores have 3-4.
      Average labor sales in the dist are 10700. Its not the
      right time in my area to start moving techs. Dealers
      are offering 26-28per flat rate , many offer demos.
      Its insane. Maybe this would work in other areas but
      not here. In michigan you need to be state certified
      and this is highly regulated , hence installers do
      nothing but tires shocks and lofs, and mechs are limited
      to what areas they are certified in. If you have a
      brake and a/c cert only you dont get fuel pumps , align
      , tune ups, .......ect. Its rough here . I have
      talked to other sm's out of state and techs are much
      easier to come bye.

    • I think it will be good to move some techs around
      to stores that they can help more. I can think of a
      store in a not so good area that has a problem getting
      techs. It would be nice to see some master techs
      servicing its customers. I know the poor service manager in
      that store would appreciate it.

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