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  • rm552 rm552 Mar 4, 2009 3:13 PM Flag

    So let me get this straight...

    1) Stock is at $1.90 or so.

    2) Balance sheet has over $2 a share in net cash.

    3) Company is idling along at breakeven until it gets acquired.

    4) CEO who was against selling the company is gone.

    And THEN the stock price drops 30%! My what strange times these are...

    When do they report Q4 anyway? Some time next week?

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    • It's such a controversial product. Here's some recent (last 2 weeks) twitter comments about Heelys:


      thinking about getting heelys lol

      i cant find heelys

      has been skating around the stockroom in Heelys all evening. I miiigghtt have to get a pair of these

      bought Jordan his 1st pair of Heelys ... the big sticker saying we can't sue the Heely Co. for injury, death or damage not very re-assuring

      ugh :/ Journeys bites over priced pair of heelys and my mad cash is gone and my feeties are gonna hurt monday buyers remorse indeed!!!

      thinking of getting some heelys in for the summer

      i'm not ashamed that i want that child who's rolling back and forth in those damn heelys @helios to trip and fall on his face.

      I bought HEELYS!

      I'm thinking abut getting a pair of Heelys since my workplace is basically a huge warehouse with concrete floors. Anyone have horror storys?

      trying to find some size 11.5 Heelys, their really hard to find.

      Heelys??? Are those the joints with the wheels in the heels?

      I wish they made Heelys in a size 15 dress shoe.

      i hate heelys

      omg, taylor is wearing my heelys. yay. :)

      Heelys come in more men's styles than women's. Because the men? They loves them a cute pair of skates!

      Pet rocks. Pogs. Beanie Babies. Koosh balls. Lava lamps. The Atkins Diet. Heelys. Crocs ($CROX). All terrible investments:

      me and the roomies bought (pink) heelys. this should be interesting to say the least

      They make Heelys in adult sizes too. They can really make your grocery shopping experience more exciting.

      Heelys looke like fun, but I've seen a resurgence of rollerblades out here. Maybe "Prayer of the Rollerboys" was cool after all.

      Heelys makes adult sizes. Wife got me a pair but haven't worn them much for fear of breaking my neck.

      Heelys? I'm 18 and I still use 'em.

      Just purchased pink Heelys ( Damn skippy. Or skatey.

      It's Heely's in this house. No one gets it, but it doesn't matter, NO HEELYS. I've stood firm for 3 can do it!

      Arizona is the first time I have remotely found Heelys appealing. I can't believe I'm watching this damn show again.

      my first Heelys fall was thankfully in the CS building basement in the middle of the night where nobody could see me

      I always want to clothesline kids with heelys. *ME TOO!!*

      I'm wearing my heelys and eating sushi because that's how I roll.

      Do you think there are any hospitals would really allow their docs to roll around on Heelys? Would hope not. Accident waiting to happen.

      I want Heelys. Shit.


      All the themes are there: I like them, Wish they came bigger, I hate them, My kid can't have them, they rock, they're harder than they look. It's been about a year and a half since Heelys was declared a dead fad, and certainly heelers have gone down in numbers dramatically, but the controversy still rages, the product still has its adherents, children still clamor for them, some adults won't give them up.

    • Where do you get $2 of net cash. I thought it was $3.00. I bought a few shares today with money I won't need for a decade or so. This thing can stay irrational a long time. I've seen a stock that had $5.00 in cash trade for $1.00. Same situation. Eventually, it went way up. I will buy more if we trade down to $1.00, but I'd like to see update financials.