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  • soundworksmd soundworksmd Dec 6, 2012 12:06 PM Flag

    Dead scammer Franky Mandelbaum's gay son f-ed out of meager inheritence for being gay

    Wiselama - you are truly the wise one. Anyone on this board not listening to what he has to say is just stupid. This lama has been right on the money for over 10 years on this scam. This POS stock is worthless paper designed to trade in Wall Streets worst boiler rooms for a quick rip. Anyone who doesn't know this is stupid. The fools on this board think they can turn here for due diligence and then don't heed sage advice are insane. There is no value to this company, products , int prop - none 0! I have no problem about Franks son being gay or anything related to his family. Him making the papers probably for the first time in his life for screwing his son out of an inheritance from the graves proves what a POS he was. He was a real crook and rotten to the core. He piloted this scam for 10 years and kept those balls in the air. Is Bart Blout still around pumping this garbage or is he still holed up in his moms basement?

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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