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  • soundworksmd soundworksmd Dec 4, 2012 2:46 AM Flag

    Dead scammer Franky Mandelbaum's gay son f-ed out of meager inheritence for being gay

    Surprised wiselama has not pounced on this I shorted this stock many times since 02 and was a regular on this board aka hifibuys I remember the days of Bart Blout. I fail to see how 10 years have passed and this POS company is still scamming. How can anyone buy this sh#t, how can anyone put any price on this junk? No company is more fos and blatantly a scam to churn money at the expense of stockholders. Cant believe nobody saw the articles on Franky's haunting from the grave. Apparently the loser is forcing his gay son to marry a woman or he will lose the meager 180K trust set up for his child he shares with his partner. Frank is just as big a #$%$ dead as he was alive. He was a scamming POS and still he haunts and taunts from the ground - good show Franky you dead miserable POS do a search for Frank Mandelbaum that is all you will see besides his ugly mug.
    Oh the horror the horror. I see this POS is taking this does appear to be the final flush - ,massive selling as it spirals down to the 0 valuation it so duly deserved

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    • I read about Franks son... a Judge.... in the paper last summer...

      believe it or not I think Frank's son's sexual preference and the fact that Frank is screwing his grandchild out of an inheritance is irrelevant to IDN

      The only thing I could add is that with hindsight being 20/20... it proves what a POS Frank was

      I really can't say too much for Frank's other kids because families should always see that things are made right... especially when little kids are involved....

      The biological grandson of Frank had no control over the fact that his dad is gay.... if that even matters

      one other note on Frank's death... one of the reasons that IDN dropped so quickly after the IDN Mobilisa merger was because of the wholesale dumping of Franks massive interest in IDN which no longer had to be reported to the IRS... and Franks crooked connections (read crooked noses) were no longer willing to prop up the stock... IDN was connected to and brought public by a very small.. very connected criminal investment banker that is long gone

      Frank's family made a killing on Franks hype machine known as IDN and some are still paying for it today

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      • Wiselama - you are truly the wise one. Anyone on this board not listening to what he has to say is just stupid. This lama has been right on the money for over 10 years on this scam. This POS stock is worthless paper designed to trade in Wall Streets worst boiler rooms for a quick rip. Anyone who doesn't know this is stupid. The fools on this board think they can turn here for due diligence and then don't heed sage advice are insane. There is no value to this company, products , int prop - none 0! I have no problem about Franks son being gay or anything related to his family. Him making the papers probably for the first time in his life for screwing his son out of an inheritance from the graves proves what a POS he was. He was a real crook and rotten to the core. He piloted this scam for 10 years and kept those balls in the air. Is Bart Blout still around pumping this garbage or is he still holed up in his moms basement?

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