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  • wiselama wiselama Dec 6, 2012 2:50 PM Flag

    I've been reading some old posts

    and laughin my nuts off...

    anyhow...IDN/Mobilisa was built... if you can call it that... on earmarks and no-bid contracts

    I warned that earmarks would disappear given the Govts spending crisis... they did

    No-Bid contracts are down too.... which is why a product like Defense-ID is no longer being deployed as a favor to a former military members of IDNs BOD

    IDN now has to compete for every dollar of business.... and there is massive competition... and the competition costs less

    Not to mention the Navy cannot afford $2Million buoys when their budget is about to be hammered by the mandatory defense cuts

    The handwriting is on the wall... IDN will not get much of it's traditional business back and they completely lost out on their great hope when they received zero of the CAT-BPSS business from the TSA

    I wish some of the old shills were around to argue with me

    This looks like its headed to less than 30 cents... will hold for a Q or 2 and then less than a dime

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