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  • talbert744 Apr 4, 2013 7:49 PM Flag

    bought in again. at .3405

    now my base is .3906 time is on my side.............

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    • IDNs net tangible assets are below $750K... and Nelly went on record saying that 1Q 13 will be worse than 1Q 12

      For a while IDN was able to survive with massive cost cutting.... Costs have been cut to the bone

      My prediction.. either they go bankrupt or they raise operating cash by selling shares at a discount to the current share price

      Lets play and assume that they need a minimum of $2 million to hold them over for just over a year....

      IF the shares issued were at say 20 cents that would equate to 10,000,000 shares of dilution or close to 40% dilution putting the shares outstanding at 37+ million... this IS a very realistic scenario... IDN wanted to raise $ @ $1.35/sh a few years ago and were unable to get buyers at that price when their business was at its best

      They do not have the revenue potential let alone the profit potential to support that many shares without being a worthless penny stock... they can't justify supporting the current shares outstanding

      There are no more no-bid military Defense-ID contracts coming with the defense dept cuts and with the Navy not seeing eye to eye on the Buoys the Potomac would have to freeze over for another one of those gigs

      You're putting 100% at risk for a very limited possible gain at best...

      OF course this is merely my opinion... and its not as if I haven't been right on this POS many times before

    • jACKASS..

1.67+0.03(+1.83%)Oct 25 4:00 PMEDT