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  • ovhd1_12kv ovhd1_12kv Jan 4, 2010 12:28 PM Flag

    This is a Republican Recession.

    Seems to me like all you guys are morons. These politicians are all on the same team behind closed doors!! They know nothing about the average American, they are all well to do, social elites. Look at Bloomberg, who spent a reported $100,000,000 ( one hundred million for you nimrods ) on his re-election campaign for a job that pays MAYBE.....$200,000 a year? All of you are too busy focusing on small petty racism(both from Blacks and Whites), and stupid party affiliations. Morons!!! The thieve politicians want it like this, to worry bickering amongst ourselves so we don't focus on the real criminal thievery going on. They are raping and stealing everything we have----BOTH OF THEM!!! You work from January till mid May for free....SLAVES.......all of you need to grow up and ban together and let BOTH parties know we're sick of it!!

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    • and your solution is ???????????????

    • Most Republican Reps are incompetent self centered and self serving criminals.

      Most Democrats Reps are incompetent enablers.

      And let’s face it, Americans as a whole are too apolitical to bring about any progressive change. This is evident when ONLY 1 Million out of 300 Million Americans, that’s ONLY .03% of Americans, protested the War in Iraq.

      Less than that protested Deregulation of Trade. And I don’t think anyone protested Deregulation of Mortgages or Credit Swap Derivatives.