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  • wingnut2009 wingnut2009 Apr 13, 2006 7:33 PM Flag

    Life After Brandt

    Looks like this Stock is taking off like a rocket after the former CFO left.

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    • I planned on owning a few million worth of avanir shares. your message has inspired me to aim at double that.

      your short butt is going to get burnt.

      btw, cramer is right on the money with avanir,
      'playing in the majors'
      avanir - it just got listed on the nasdaq today! And i think that's a green light for you to buy the stock!

      this thing was kind of lost in a regulatory limbo. Avnr is a stateless co. That just got its papers!

      i'm not telling you to look at a co. Just because it got some legitimacy, now that it's out of limbo, and on the nasdaq.

      this thing is sexy. It had caught my attention before today, but i wasn't going to touch it until it made the move from the amex. Cramer believes in caution more than anything else, except for flexibility, making money, and justice!

      now, i like avnr because it's got some really cool drug formulations that the fda has given priority review to. And, hey, as far as i know, they didn't even have to pull any strings to get priority status.

      the only thing better than pull inside the govt is a co. That has products which are so good they don't need the pull.

      here's the skinny on avnr:

      now, avnr's big product is called 'neurodex'. It treats pseudobulbar affect (pba). Neurodex would treat the ieed condition, or involuntary emotional expression disorder, or uncontrollable bursts of laughing or crying.

      the guys at leering-swan estimate that 1.3 million people in the u.s. Have this pba. If they penetrate only half that market, neurodex should be able to do $250 million in sales.

      the fda gave neurodex priority review status last week, which means it could be approved by the end of the third qtr. - it's fast tracked.

      plus, if approved, neurodex could get 'orphan drug' status! Which would give avnr tax credits and a 7-year monopoly on the drug, in addition to the patent protection.

      neurodex could also have applications in more than just m.s. And lou gehrig's disease. There's a chance it could work in stroke victims and alzheimers patients.

      they've also got neurodex in a phase 3 test for patients with chronic diabetic neuropathic pain. And, right now, there really aren't any drugs out there meant specifically for this problem. It could be another huge opportunity for this co.

      so i think neurodex is a great opportunity to make money. But when cramer buys a stock, he wants more than just a one-trick pony. I'm behind avnr not just for neurodex, but also for the pipeline!

      they just signed a deal earlier this month with novartis to help them develop a bunch of not very significant small molecule drugs.

      the drugs aren't significant, but the deal could earn avnr $200 million in milestone payments.

      they've also got a deal with astra-zenica - we like those guys, developing drugs for cardio-vascular disease.

      one of the things i like about this co. - its ceo is over-qualified, and i rarely say that. This guy, eric brandt used to be the cfo of allergan - a $15 billion co. Now he runs avnr, which is a $400 million co.

      this guy must really believe that avnr is going to be great, or else he wouldn't have taken the job.

      avnr has got no debt. Pretty strong institutional support. 11% of the float is being shorted. I gotta believe that the shorts will get crushed here.

      leering-swan - they've got a $41-$55 price target on the thing. I mean, it went out at $13. Hey i'll take $22. I'm not kidding. Not because i think they're wrong, but because cramer be cautious, and at $22, you will still have made a huge amount of money!

      the bottom line!: avnr has its documents! I think it's time for you to do some research and then, maybe, do a 'mon-back, take some down, and buy the stock!

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      • agn oldie avanir newbie wrote:
        " I planned on owning a few million worth of Avanir shares. Your message has inspired me to aim at double that."

        AVNR at the time your posting was about $14.50, it is currently trading at $9.68 and keeps going down. Some idiot on the AVNR board claims he put all his retirement money into this POS.

      • I hope you actually bought those "few million worth of Avanir shares". Today your former beloved CFO just ran AVNR into the ground. They are closing their multi million dollar "Research Campus" in San Diego and moving to smaller and cheaper digs in Orange County.
        They will need to partner up to commercialize their drug, which is still under FDA review. If they find a partner, historically they will be given only a small cut.
        Can you say AVNR.OB?
        I knew you could!

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