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  • irishrover0109 irishrover0109 Mar 10, 2007 9:39 AM Flag


    You are wrong about Arte. It is a niche product that will be here today and gone tomorrow. its not the Botox Brand is up there with Coca-cola. It will hard to compete with that. Not to mention Price. if its less expensive people will endure the shots. and by the way you are wrong its not every three months for shots. Arte does not have a chance.

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    • Irish how can u say its a niche product, its a permanent filler. And its not more expensive. A pt pays probably 2 to 3 times more in the long end by using botox, and what pt likes to endure shots. I can understand your pro botox but arte is a superior product and in the end pts are going to be requesting it from there doctors, its just a matter of time. Arte is not spending there money advertising in magazines and other media , they are focusing on the doctors who are going to recommend the product. And if you read some research reports that are out there , arte is being very well received by the top doctors in the field.

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      • Irish clearly has not done his research regarding Artes or for that matter Botox. A few facts for consideration might be in order here.

        1. Since its inception in 1999 and prior to its IPO, Artes raised about $60M in several rounds of Venture Capital financing. Until late 2006 when two Venture Capital funds invested about $16M, all money invested in the company came from private investors like myself. Many many of these people are Plastic Surgeons (I am not). This is a fact, I met many of these people at an open house held in Artes new production facilty in Sorrento Valley, which was held for people who had invested in the company so that we could see the new facility and be briefed on the companies progress. This event occurred a couple of years ago. The question is, Why if Plastic Surgeons will not use this product, did so many of them invest in the company?

        2. Contrary to the idea that some people have, that Artefill will try to put AGN out of business. The realistic scenario is that Doctors will use the two products together on the same patient. Artefill is not designed to be used for fine lines/wrinkles, in fact I believe somewhere it advises against this use due to the possibilty that the pma spheres will show in later years if used to close to the skins surface. Artefill is however a fantastic product for deeper smile line/naso labial fold areas which botox is not effective in treating

        3. The fact that Artefill is a permanent solution for deep wrinkles is frankly a no brainer. $500-$800 per treatment for a temporary filler with 6 months duration will cost a patient $6000-$8000 over a 5 year period verses a couple of thousand for Artefill over the same time frame. The patients will still come back to the doctor for treatment of the fine lines in the forehead & around the eyes with botox or other temp fillers thus still providing a constant revenue stream. Both the Doctor and the patient are happy.

        Artes needs only a fairly small percentage of the dermal filler market to become very profitable, so far from what I am hearing there is great interest in the product, however due to doctors having to be trained in the correct procedure for administering the product and skin tests having to be performed on the patients prior to application, I do not anticipate seeing sales really begin to rise in meaningful numbers until next year.

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