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  • billsjk billsjk Oct 16, 2007 10:42 AM Flag

    Why AGN keeps going down???? Any thought????

    Any comments?

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    • excellent- you'll be glad you did,,,,,be patient. you'll see.

    • from a personal consumption POV, Artefill cannot compete with Botox (or Reloxin/Dysport)... nasolabial folds are only one area that show aging. Botox/Reloxin address the upper third of the face as well as neck bands
      (the "liquid face-lift,") not to mention the numerous other non-aesthetic medical applications already off label. OTOH, if/when enough physicians are trained with Arte and it gets enough press play/word of mouth who knows what will happen with the temp fillers.'s a permanent application which conveys higher risk than the temp fillers.

    • Is Artefill gonna stop the botox and juvederm train? what gives here?

    • with academy coming around the corner in a couple weeks it would not surprise me to see an fda approval soon. you forget this company was founded on eyecare products.

    • let me give you an answer that will allow you to tripl+ your stock earnings- here is a chart
      now back in july, I bought 10,000 shares at $57.80/ share when the RSI was ~33- a low RSI is telling you that the stock is in an over-sold, usually a 30 or lower will be seen, but either way it is a good entry point. I sold the stock 8/7 at $65.45- reason sold was the RSI was in an over-bought condition when the RSI approaches 70. The RSI chart is at the top of the attached chart. When a stock reaches an over-bought condition, it is going to correct itself by going down. so when the correction was completed, and a baseline was developed as seen between 8/18 to 8/28 showing now an upward trend, I moved in buying 15,000 shares. After moving up to the high RSI factor of 70,,, and wainting for a move down,telling me that it has totally capped out on 8/11, I sold. I am now sitting in another stock waiting for AGN to complete it's correction. So far it has dropped over over $2 and I expect it to drop another couple bucks before turning up. and once I see a bottom form and a lower RSI, I will be back in, and pick up an extra $75,000 that would of been lost. If you look at the chart and expand it out for the past 2-3 years, you will see that this is AlWAYS true. now if you want to bring in factors where quarterly earnings did not meet, loss/delays in FDA filings, etc, these issues as with any company have additional impact. you will over the years that there were times where AGN posted great numbers and the stock still went DOWN and everyone was wondering- what is going on here- just like you. if the rsi is high and over-bought, it doesn't usually matter about good numbers, it is going down- mostly due to others just wanting to take their profit, just like me, and if you don't play the game, you continue to see this same thing happen. so here I wait for the corrction to complete, and because it took almost two months for this last run up, I look at the ride down to be the same, earnings may offer small pop, but it will be short lived- then I'll be there-again. AGN is not a volitale stock so when it tops out, it usually starts corrections with in hours if not days. if you are not following this scope, you are losing out on the ups and downs. now others may not agree with this but once you think this thru,,,,,,,,,, the stock will $62/share-watch and learn

    • What are you talking about? On June 25th this stock was at 117 pre split. Post 2 for 1 split it was 58. Now let me ask you. What makes you think this stock has been going down. Turn the graph upside down. Geeeeeesh. you remind me of the career builder . com monkey's. By the way the whole market has dipped the last couple of days. Not many stocks were on the upside.

    • Rumor is that AGN is going to purchase IDEV.

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