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  • alangold Nov 30, 2010 3:07 PM Flag

    Purchasing of AGN

    I purchased AGN based on Cramer's recommendations as well as the CEO being a guest on the show. The information was very upbeat so, I bought on that basis. I have been very dissappointed with the down turn of the share price. Please comment.

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    • cramers guests are nothing more than providing an infomercial for there stock and biz. you should know, if you already do not, that cramer is a band wagon jumper. he touts the obvious for the most part. AGN is a great company with good fundamentals, it just got way ahead of itself. good risk to reward from here. 65 looks like the bottom. I was wrong to hold past my stop. for me, a close over 67.50 on dec exp is all I need, and I'm sure it gets there.

      if you are in much higher, I would recomend selling calls . perhaps go up to the price you purchased, and out a few months. peace

    • I think when there's talk of the success for curing headaches, it will take off. Could be any day, Soon.

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      • what a turd. traded this stock in the past when nothing else looked viable, always to long side, and always did well on it. I guess the knief has not hit the floor yet. also, started to study wave theory of late. this looks like a wave one down on the weekly. when wave two ends, it will be time to sell, a wave three could take it to high 50's. really drilled down on this one today. wave two will be a short lived bounce back to 68/70, depending how deep this wave one goes. this stock may just be dead money into next earns report

      • looking pretty weak today. underperforming spx. disapointing. can't get thru the 5 ema. need a close over 67.5 for a trend change

    • thank you. I do however think there may be something wrong, at least nothing right, when the stock opens up 2%, and sells , to call it almost flat, as the market moves higher and closes up. that should be a concern

    • crib..Hope you stayed in! Nice move today. Tomorrow will be a continuance. Bottom is in.

    • I'm still in. once we cleard the 68 yesterday, i was looking for the next fib level 69.5, I have to admit, I was eyeing up the 50 dma just above today's close as well. decided to put a stop in just below 68. went right to the 70 and then some. minor fib levels at 69.50, 70.52,and 71.5. be interesting to see if it holds the 70.50 area on monday.

    • as I was saying friday after the news. didn't think it was that great. turns out I was right. 69.5 is the next hurdle

    • So "crib", you can discern all this after just 30 minutes of trading on Monday morn, eh?
      Keep your shirt on dude, you are sounding like a "nervous nellie", watching and responding to each individual trade.
      Dude, reassess your reasons for being in AGN and perhaps you should exit gracefully.
      You don't seem to have any conviction.
      You don't understand the business and aren't making an effort to do your homework.
      This quarter has been a boon for AGN.
      Check the approvals this quarter:
      1)-Botox for migraine
      2)-Lattise approval in Canada
      3)-Restasis approval Canada
      4)-Lap Band eligible population expansion
      Dude all of the above together means HUGE...HUGE EXPANSION of Allergan's business and should drive future growth.
      At some point in time you have to become an "intelligent investor" -- if you will...
      And then you will have a chance to be happy, wealthy and wise...
      Peace out, mes ami...

    • Yes, if you do, buy at 69 today, sell July 72.50 calls for 4.10. Yield would be 11 %. How about that?

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      • I like the call selling protection. also just looking at this daily chart, we may have ended the cycle down, hence my original way count may be off. if I stand corrected, this may be in fact wave 2, but a three wave would be up. either way. stop is fridays low. still long here. just bit po'ed as I let aci go, to balace things out a bit. should have been out here and stayed with the one that was working very well. still long x , sold lvs long and went short thursday.

    • first off I'm not nervous. and secondly I don't care about fundamentals. so far the fib level have been where this stock has been pinging off of. this may be a wave 2 bounce. wave three could hurt

    • 69.5 fib level acting as resistance. my stop just moved up to 68.40

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