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  • drugwatching drugwatching Jul 21, 2011 1:41 PM Flag


    Now this company is saying botoxic will help migrain headaches.Sounds like people are saying NO to this toxic drug finally and they need to find other uses for this dangerous chemical injection other than somebodys face.Maybe they weren't too pleased with the looks of Phyliss Diller or Micheal Jackson,rest his soul and are listening to Kim Kardashian about the problems this drug causes.Since the high definition TV came along the celeberties are talking what they really look like up close on the screne and are not too bit thrilled about their paralized facial features of the facial area.What will they try next as they were again sued by the Government and recently paid a $600 Million Dollar settlement for saying use botox for other problems.This drug should be BANNED and just might be as they are getting the message about the serious damages people are complaining about in reference to Botox.You should really buy a stock that now has FDA approval for Wrinkle removal that is safe and Natual and dont contain harmful chemicals made by Fibrocell.Souds like the patents are coming up on this botox drug.

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