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  • insect_insight insect_insight Dec 21, 2012 9:11 AM Flag

    Fiscal cliff NONSENSE should have ZERO effect on great AGN today!!!


    I don't believe the negative futures pre-market are anything other than another PHONY contrivance by slimy wall street scumster fund managers to scare nervous old grandmas and NO balls wimps into buying one final round of ultimately WORTHLESS PUTS in hi quality Dow and Nasdaq stocks.

    Would not be surprised to hear a breaking news announcement during the first 10 minutes of trading announcing that the whole fiscal cliff SCAM has been settled --- then just watch how the negative futures spin on a dime and rocket upward for the rest of the day.

    Do NOT be suckered into selling a single share of AGN this AM....because I can assure you that ONLY AMATEUR #$%$ will be selling or buying any kind of shorts, the SMARTER pros will be scooping up massive numbers of longs, particularly in the money calls, for the INEVITABLE announce of resolution of this fiscal cliff HOAX.

    This entire fiscal cliff #$%$ is much ado about nothing and I doubt you would see more than a 2.00-3.00 intraday dip, AT MOST, this AM, and then just watch it rocket back upward once a settlement is announced out of the blue today, for a solid CLOSE IN THE GREEN.

    I've seen this kind of PHONY insignificant negative pre market action many times before over the years, and SMARTER pros are NOT the least bit concerned about the value of either AGN stock or calls. In fact, the day I worry about such OBVIOUS PHONY NONSENSE will be the day I surrender my BALLS OF STEEL and NEVER NEVER NEVER going to happen.

    Just sit back, relax, and learn from your intellectual superiors....Live and LEARN!!!

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