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  • SHEPEIO SHEPEIO May 12, 1998 2:11 PM Flag


    does anyone know what the jump in price is a result of? about 4 weeks ago (when i first starting following agn) it was at 38. any insight would be appreciated.


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    • Slightly better than expected earnings, new ceo
      who promises that it will be at 50 by end of 99,
      committment to accountability which is new at Allergan,
      salary expense will continue to be reduced through
      restructure, layoffs.

      They want to become a small (for
      the pharmaceutical industry), aggressive company that
      can react quickly in the marketplace.

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      • It seems/appears this company has been
        restructuring for a long time. Can you provide any insight(s)
        as to HOW they plan to become smaller and more
        aggressive in the marketplace? While their product portfolio
        includes more than pharmaceuticals, it is difficult for me
        to understand how they will react more quickly in
        the pharmaceutical marketplace. Unfortunately, I
        understand all too well about restructuring and layoffs.
        Thanks for the input.

    • It seems you have some excellent insights on what
      needs to happen/what will happen at AGN. I'd rather not
      discuss that in this forum. Believe me, I have a long
      history Allergan. Please feel free to email me: might know each other. Thx, Bill F.

    • The discourse of human events needs a forum and the purpose is
      promote ideas and suggestions. Suggest to finaly to keep the comments on the Msg Board for all to share.

    • Having worked a AGN for a while and then leaving
      on "my Accord",
      I believe radical changes need to
      be made.
      The infrastructure will defeat the new
      CEO for to many veterns are entrenched and are just
      paying lip service, as they do not want to be forced
      into make any decisions other than being well
      a. Have to get rid of two layers of management as
      there are to many VP's and Directors. All these
      positions should be eliminated and only have VP, for
      operating divisions.
      b. "Lifers" control the key power
      points indirectly. No matter how I tried, I was
      overshelmned by not doing it the "Allergan way."
      c. AGN has
      had tremendous talent pass through its building who
      are no longer there. WE were told we are going to
      take on Alcon, but AGN lacked the systems and
      d. AGN needs to lay off people who have there over
      10 years as they are ingrained in the AGN mentality.
      The new CEO is going to have to overcome that
      inertia, but can he.
      e. There are a few people there
      that want to change, but change is not going to
      happen. To much micro-managing and the need to be
      f. The problem will not be solved as the VP's will
      be saved, and the Hourly employees will pay the
      price. The work will still be there, only less people
      will be there to do it. Where is the savings.

    • I read your post with great interest. I, too, am
      an "ex-allergan."

      I was with Allergan for 27
      years. My last position was Sr. V.P., U.S. Sales &
      Marketing for eye/skin pharmaceuticals & Botox.
      I was
      downsized (read "canned") about 4 years ago.

      sense is we know each other?

      Please feel free to
      email me: if you'd like to discuss the
      matter offline.

      Thanks, Bill F.

    • I think current movement of stock is liked by
      many investors and investment firms....all the
      institution is buying allergan stock and that is a good news
      for the company. Allergan has talented people still
      working for the company and increasing research budget
      every year. I think it will definately benifit company.
      In addition, CEO will definately make the difference
      for the company!

    • Who in the world is Bear Steren? Is your post a
      hoax or what? To be considerate , I will assume you
      are from a foreign country!!!!

      A couple of

      1) Why will increasing the R&D budget be good for
      investors? Are you familiar with the "time" required to
      introduce products? Are you familiar with past R&D

      2) Specifically, why do you believe the new CEO,
      David Pyott, will make a difference. I would like to
      know his plans from your perspective.

      3) Based
      on what specific information do you expect AGN to
      have a return of 15-25% in the next 3-6

      I'm not picking on you, but your post is poorly
      written and frought with "bulletin board stock"

      I welcome your comments.

    • Bill, your were Corporate Management and I was
      only in the "Field."
      AGN is a recommendation as its
      about time they start to clean house. Problem is that
      the infrastructure of the 12+++ year employees will
      still be there and what have you gained.
      They need
      to terminate most of the VP, all the Directors, and
      anyone who has over 12 years at the one location. The
      new CEO
      is great and he is trying as we can see
      from here in Texas.
      But we will contiune to lose
      as they have no new products in the
      pipeline and
      will not have for several years.
      My problem was the
      lack of product to my customers. They were tired of
      receiving 3 shipments over 30 days against one PO. I had to
      do exchanges to save my customers. To many layers of
      management to get anything done. I mean 63 Vice Presidents
      to do what, yet you laid off a clerk who was doing
      more than the VP's combined because she cared and
      talked to the customers. AGN will continue to do
      business the way they have in the past 20 years and will
      continue to do things the same way for the next
      Watch the "blood Bath" and see how many 15 to 20 year
      veterans are still there.
      I feel for the CEO, but there
      are quite a few that want him to be a success, but
      after a $135 Million restructuring charge, what is
      left. No one listens to the field people as everything
      is micro managed. You make a decision, you will be
      shot unless you have 5 signatures of authority. Try to
      get an Expense Statement approved.

    • Bear Stearns has gone heavy into pharma stocks as
      many are undervalued. AGN has possibilities over the
      long term. New CEO is leaving his mark on the company.
      but still needs to make changes that have not been
      made in the past 10 years. AGN is going to become a
      Consumer Products driven company. It still lacks the
      systems and procedures that will catch up with them in 18
      months. His plans for layoffs are good, but he will
      probably loose some good people along the way who are not
      favorites. Still need a CFO and he should come from a Sales
      driven company.
      Look for a 10 point gain over the
      next 60 days especially when
      AGN takes a Special
      Charge of $175 Million in 3Q. Get in now
      as 2Q is on
      target and 3Q will be Lower, but it will prevail.
      could get warm, but they need products and that is the
      limitations. Balance Sheet is clean and they are generating
      Flow, but they need sales. Alcon is not worried, but
      watch BL when the merger with Chiron and Storz is
      completed. They could be the force to dethrone AGN. The CEO
      is knowledgeable, but
      does he have the support
      that he needs to accomplish his goals in a company
      that plays it safe. His biggest job is getting to know
      the Managers who are the ones producing, but are not
      getting the benefits and will be laid off.

    • Unconfirmed rumor: A Senior VP will be "retiring"
      in the near future. I've been led to believe it is
      Rick Hilles. I am not sure of that, however. This is
      only heresay.

      I'm sure all of those close to
      AGN will be saddened by the lose of Rick, as he has
      always been a very kind, considerate and loving

      In all, it appears Pyott is truely moving to slash

      Pyott's next move, barring outright sale, should be to
      increase the topline.

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