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  • skindog_scotts skindog_scotts Sep 5, 1998 5:20 PM Flag

    What is behind the recent stock performa 2

    IF you have been following this stock closely can you reply as to the speculation behind this stock. Is it buy-out speculation? Earnings expectations? or Both? The fundamentals here are troubling me.

    • If my memory serves me correctly, I was the only
      one to post a comment about Bill Shepherd. My words
      were, in effect, "Bill Shepherd is a decent man."

      I'm certainly not making excuses, but, in my opinion,
      Bill did what he thought was right for the company.
      The numbers/share appreciation, depending upon the
      time frame, seem to indicate that not much shareholder
      value was created on his watch.

      As an adjacent
      point, I have felt for a long time that TOTAL
      compensation for most CEO's is way out of line! I carry about
      10-20 stocks in my portfolio and can't believe how
      CEO's take home a bundle of cash while the stock is
      stagnant or falling like a "hot rock." Small investors
      have no chance to influence that. It is strickly up to
      boards and large investors to get on their asses about

      Have a good one, needg4s, Deuce

    • With the demise of 550 employees and a
      infrastructure is Sales & Marketing still there along with R&D,
      this Board should now begin to receive some insight to
      what is really happening. SG&A is being replaced with
      100's of R&D personnel. Yet where has R&D been the past
      5 years. If they had the product in the
      they would not need to have made the cuts they did.
      $113M restructurihng charge for use in the next two
      years allows me to believe they will be more reductions
      if R&D does not perform.
      You have to hold R&D
      accountable and that was not the case this year. Maybe that
      is why its called the Shepherd building. I do not
      know. Still think the stock is now overvalued, as the
      Earnings will be impacted. Be interesting to hear from any
      of the 550 people that were asked to go elsewhere.
      There is going to be hemoraging and I just hope the
      Sales are there. Does Sales know what they are doing,
      or are they just trying to buy market share as I do
      not think the boys in Texas are not willing to give
      up any just to make AGN highly profitable. BL is
      still one year away from making their combined entry
      into this field and then it will be a two horse race
      unless AGN sells out to J&J.

    • Some of the other members of this board are
      extreamly polite in reference to Mr Shepherd for various
      reasons (obvious ex-AGN employees), however, being a
      shareholder for many years, and holding on when Mr. Shepherd
      ran the company (in my opinion for his own personal
      gain) I'll state a blunt opinion. To see if he should
      be on a board of another company other than to help
      the board members rake in the dough at the expense of
      the shareholders, simply look at his salary growth
      compared to the stock price since he took over from Mr.
      Herbert (available in 3-year incriments in each annual
      report). Then look at the stock price since he left. The
      excuse at the shareholders meetings was always along the
      lines of "this is what other people in his position get
      at other drug companies", even as the stock
      performed WELL BELOW those companies. Or even "to keep his
      talent on board". With talent like that, who needs
      competitors. The stock would have been much better without
      him. He was, after all, the president and ulitmately
      responsible for the stock price. I believe he was just in the
      right place at the right time and rode the gravy train
      to the end. More power to him becuase the
      shareholders let him get away with it.

    • Hi "oldguyeye": Who knows the real intent on
      message boards? Certainly not me! I think you take this
      for what it is...a forum where anyone can say just
      about anything they want to say. If one is a serious
      investor, they will seek out many other sources of

      Have a good one, Deuce

    • hey deuce...that guy could'nt get any info on
      that board if he tried...11,000 messages versus the
      145 here...all that for one of those bio fraud type
      companies...i think it trades at .75 now with about 45,000
      shares...wonder if he thru out bill's name hoping to get some of
      these wise agn investors intrested in that company.

    • No need at all for an apology. I understand your
      frustration with micro/small caps like TCLN. As a private
      investor, I've learned the hard way that in many cases
      markets make zero sense! But, that's why they're called
      markets. That doesn't ease the pain, but it is reality.
      Afterall, the Russell 2000 is down around 20% this year and
      many small/large caps are down much more than that.
      See me for details <frowning>.

      should feel free to post on any board of your choosing.
      Occasionally, you will gain some actionable information to help
      make better investment decisions. For the most part,
      though, the message boards are chat, "I thinks" and a lot
      of hearsay. Most of all, they are fun.

      Have a
      good one, Deuce

    • of my question. I am a TCLN shareholder. Just
      looking for some IMHO's. Have no financial background or
      any connection to the company. Just a shareholder
      looking for opinions about Shepherd's dealings with AGN.
      That's all.Shareholders on the TCLN Yahoo Board have
      been expressing their IMHO's regarding old/new Board
      of Directors, so I did not think it would be a
      problem to ask your IMHO's about his impact on AGN, if
      that was ever an issue here. AGN stock price is solid
      compared to TCLN, and we all hope a refreshing B of D will
      improve this company's stock value,...some day,... but
      that's a different story. Do not want to take up too
      much time on your yahoo board. You said Bill Shepard
      was a decent man.....That's the kind of info i was
      looking for, plus anything else someone may wish to
      add.In short, I'm looking for reassurance, because many
      TCLN shareholders are extremely frustrated about all
      of the positve news that has come out over the past
      few months, but the stock price seems to dive
      everytime solid news comes out!! But like I said, that
      issue has been torn apart from every angle on our yahoo
      message board.Won't post here anymore, feel like I
      stepped on a few toes with this request. Again, sorry for
      the lack of clarity.

    • Just joined the Techniclone (TCLN) Board of Directors. Anyone of you happy campers care to share your input about this??? TCLN board is trying to evaluate his presence. Thanks.

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