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  • bobkau bobkau Oct 20, 1998 6:39 PM Flag

    AGN is going down hard today- Wednesday

    You do not knock off 8 percent, 5 1/8, because
    earnings are a little off. This stock ran up on
    misinformation and will continue to drop, probably right into
    the $40's. It may bounce up and down for a while but
    that is where this stock is heading. Get your money
    out now, then decide if you want to buy back in. Take
    it from someone who has been killed by optimism. You
    are only sane when you are out of the stock. The
    decision not to sell is the same as the decision to buy.
    That concept is hard to get but it can save you a
    bundle. Good luck.

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    • Why were more Board members added? I don't know
      what the general advantages would be to increasing
      number, but there certainly is an advantage to this
      company in adding members with these skills and
      capabilities. More input on finance, R&D, and consumer products
      can only strengthen the existing board.

      think you're right on the money about BOL. Their move
      to divest sunglasses to focus on pharmaceuticals is
      an open challenge to both AGN and Alcon. Watch out
      for them . . .

    • Did you mean Pyott contributed to the board? Under what name? Just curious.

      Glad to see someone is back here. It was a lot of fun for awhile.

      Have a good Thanksgiving.


    • This Board is dead. Why was there a change in the
      BD to 12 and will their be additional fallout. What
      is happening with the lens market and is AGN holding
      market share. Will B&L begin to make their move next
      year after cleaning up the mergers with ChironVision
      that seems to be taking time and with Storz. Can AGN
      remain Nbr 2 to Alcon or will they fall to 3. Just
      wanted to get things shaking again as the stock is
      strong and maybe a great time to cash in before the next
      dip. Any how just wanted to share some meanderings as
      it was fun for awhile and kept everyone guessing. I
      believe Mr Pyott the CEO even contributed

    • Price is moving right along--probably due to its
      significant increased earnings per share. Where is this
      coming from, do you think? Alphagan and BOTOX are doing
      great, but I wonder how long this can be sustained.
      What's going on with Zorac?

      zin42, a curious

    • Regarding agn @$62, I don't have enough
      information to know if its ahead of itself or not. With that
      in mind, I would be reluctant to buy anymore right

      As you know, it's frequently difficult to determine
      exactly what is driving a stock price.

      In my
      opinion, everything regresses to the historical mean
      unless new factors are introduced. It's sort or like a
      hitter in baseball who has averaged about.250 for ten
      years then hits .500 for 3 months. Does that mean he is
      now a .500 hitter for the future. Could be, but I
      doubt it.

      Best, the Deuce

      Whew, this
      board is really dead, eh?

    • I agree with your sage wisdom regarding buying
      low and selling high (go figure?), however, you need
      to do your homework before you jump to conclusions
      on share price swings. To the best of my knowledge,
      AGN's stock dropped 8% because of issues with their
      botulinum toxin plant. My guess is since Botox plays such a
      big part of AGNs profits today and tomorrow investors
      got a bit concerned. 24 hours after the LA Times
      publishes the article all is well and the price is back up.
      I personally applaud AGN's ability to move quickly,
      reconcile the issue, and communicate to the investment
      community that all is well.

      In the old days AGN
      might still be trying to decide what to do with the
      FDA's letter.

      • 1 Reply to Treadingwater01
      • Those familiar with FDA responses will know that
        they get immediate attention and extremely fast turn
        around times. There seems to be a greatly improved
        credibility of AGN by all--the street, FDA, and a little by
        the local press (good grief, could this be
        true!!)instilled by the NEW management.

        Just a comment
        about the 'old and new'AGN. In the past, they seemed to
        know what they wanted to do, but didn't know exactly
        how to do it (or couldn't agree on the plan) Thus it
        never got done--all talk. Now, Pyott seems to know
        exactly what to do, how to do it--make a plan, get it
        approved, communicate it, AND implement it. Let's face it,
        he is good and what AGN always needed. I like him
        (and also the stock at 60).

    • This is my first post here, but I have been
      reading with interest for a while. The reason for the
      weakness in Allergan today is probably due to an afternoon
      story on Bloomberg news. Apparently the FDA issued some
      sort of warning letter as a result of a July
      inspection of an AGN plant in Ireland which manufactures
      Botox. As most of you know, Botox has been one of AGN's
      fastest growing products, and it now accounts for
      approximately 10% of sales.

      From what I've been able to
      find out so far, the story is overblown, and will not
      affect sales or production of Botox. The FDA is simply
      seeking clarification of the company's procedures. There
      are no fines involved. The company will probably
      discuss this when they release earnings tomorrow

      P.S. I am not an Allergan employee, past nor present.
      I am, however, a shareholder who has benefited from
      the improving outlook.

    • and where do you get your you are
      wrong...agn will beat estimates,but won't surprise big...the
      reason this stock is up and down like a yo-yo is due to
      all the momentum players in here...this stock will
      continue to trade in the mid 50 range until bad news least that is what i think...heck,no one really

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