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  • shybasthnd shybasthnd Dec 9, 1999 4:40 PM Flag


    In all my trading years since 1976, this is the
    FIRST time I have ever seen a stock go DOWN
    (significantly) the last week AND the last day BEFORE an
    announced 2:1 split AND an upgrade from PW. I know about
    sector rotation, but in view of y2k "scares", wouldn't
    institutions want to be in "defensive" drug stocks at this
    time of year?!!!Oh well, maybe this is a message to
    the "gredy" from the Lord. Let's all pray for mercy.

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    • As has it has done in the past, AGN is a quality
      integral pharm company that NEEDS a POSITIVE news press
      release to correct this stock. Even though the "insiders"
      have sold their stock, there are still PHYSICIANS who
      are the biggest factor in keeping this company
      "alive" with earnings through the rx's they write for
      patients---the DOCS are the "losers" BIG TIME. With the many
      years of med school expenses and dedication, the docs
      should consider writing competitor's products (Elan,
      Bausch&Lomb, Schering, Merck products). It's truly SAD when
      AGN doesn't support it shareholders---other drug
      stocks have started a turnaround. Isn't it possible for
      a positive, honest press release from AGN?!!!

    • Does anyone know what the hell is going on with
      AGN. They are falling off the cliff and the slope
      seems very slippery. Thought some of the drop over the
      last 2 weeks had something to do with pre-split
      positioning, however, I did expect to see a bounce back today.
      I had the support levels for AGN tagged at 45
      (presplit 90) but it seems to have steadily pushed through
      and well below that. Read the comments on Elan and
      BotB. May have something to do with it but by the looks
      of things AGN is headed towards giving back most or
      all of what it built in 99. Anyone have any idea as
      to what's up?

    • Oldeyeguy

      Merrill upgraded to a 1-1
      been some Insitutional selling over the past several
      weeks (1 long-term holder)
      Stock should maintain at
      these levels and move up as product announcments


    • you make no sense...why are you so upset....agn
      is still trading almost 3 times the price two years
      ago....have faith cause it will move again after first of the the meantime take a little time and collect your
      thoughts be4 you try to communicate on this board in the aint maken no sense son!!!

    • what the hell do yu kno...hahahaha...dust this
      off...dam aliens r after me and ol blu...dam it....damn
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    • what the heck did you know...great prediction....we are back in the money again...someone loves agn this week....have wonderful holiday and a better 2000!!!!

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