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  • itsallaboutgrowth itsallaboutgrowth Sep 27, 2010 4:19 PM Flag

    80x 2011 projected earnings

    Uh, no. The price at only 50x currently-projected earnings (where projected earnings might be too low with continued new product offerings) and a 60% acquisition multiple (which also seems too low given their market share, growing captive customer base, and excludes a bidding war). Squish. OPEN your eyes!

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    • are you really a female?

      • 1 Reply to keithlamber
      • Her math skills and analytical ability would support that.

        "Captive Customer Base" - That cracks me up, what did OPEN go around and steal their phones? Cut off their legs?

        They add ZERO Value. Companies that shoot up either need to steal value from tehir competitors and give it to the customers or create value for their customers. OPEN does neither, People aren't going to eat out more often because OPEN Table exists. And no one is going to avoid a restaurant because it's not on OPEN Table, it's a gimmick where the main value is tourists from out of town that don't no where to go to eat. everyone else goes where they normally would and when OPEN gets them in, it's cannibalizing their customers (if that's the right word, it's not but whatever)