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  • dinghy777 dinghy777 Feb 10, 2004 6:21 PM Flag

    Insider sales

    In January alone, insiders sold 1,060,000 shares for $31,286.300 for an average of about $29.51.

    That's a lot of sales for one month and someone has to buy those shares.

    This kind of selling was one reason I got got out of Enron at about $70.

    Juniper debt to equity of .62 is quite a bit above the Networking Communication Devices Group which is .06

    There are other reasons to be cautious about this investment.



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    • In answer to what are my long positions:

      They are quite dull. I have 29 long and 2 short.

      Some dull longs are: AT --- AU --- WTR --- BRK.B --- BPL --- ECA --- GG --- PTR --- SWWC --- SU --- TDF --- WHT --- AND ON AND ON.

      I am into natural resources, gold, oil, gas,electric, and basically stuff that will always have value even if the dollar continues to lose value and the market declines.

      I am now trying to balance long positions with more short positions, but this is hard for me.

      And remember Valentine's day or you will be in big trouble.


    • Really? Answer this one for many shares are outstanding (insiders)? thx

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      • YEAH REALLY. Here's an answer 93% of insider selling for the last 6 months happend in just one week after the 30% runup.

        Got that 93% in ONE WEEK half of it at MARKET=RED FLAG!!!

        It was so alarming that even Thomoson First Call made note of it on CNBC.

        Talk about quaestionable. The insiders are obviously in the know and they sold.


      • Scott Kriens, CEO, has 14 Million shares and sold one million in the past month. I guess he bought a new car.

        Chief tech Officer, Pradeep Sindhu, sold 575,000 in the past 6 months and owns 11 million.

        They are generous, to say the least, with the shares they give themselves, and they sell them to us with regularity.

        In my opinion, this is just one of the problems that spells danger with this investment.

        They have zero profits over the past 5 years if you factor in the shares they give themselves. It is obvious who comes first and it is not the shareholders.


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