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  • gc1111 gc1111 Feb 13, 2004 8:49 PM Flag

    Today's faked strength

    Today's JNPR relative strength is due to a compensation to its relative weakness two sessions ago. (Same with CSCO) I believe Naz is going to re-test its low of 2/4, and bring down JNPR with it.

    Don't cover yet. more to come.

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    • ROFLMAO! You just another FREAKIN' IDIOT that needs to be heard! Too funny...Grow up and stop your whining!!!

    • Thank for your usual non-contribution to the board. You must like reading my posts or your a liar because you stated you'd have me on ignore. You wanted to have me on ignore because you couldn't carry on an adult debate with any facts.

      I see your still in the same sandbox with the other childish people.

      Do you cut-n-paste your standard childish remarks or can you create an educational post that will enlighten the board?

      Until then your a waste of time.
      I'm through with you.


    • Ahhh my whining friend comes alive again! Too funny...

    • Key is just another ignorant poster who only believes and spins facts or statements to his likings.

      Not worth your time with individuals like that.

      It's a shame, because ignorant people like that take away from the value of debates on message boards.


    • An arrogant more no less.

    • What part of what I have posted do you consider not to be true or accurate? Be specific please.

    • And you think what you're saying is the truth? Give us a FREAKIN' break!

    • I couldn't agree more. The Street is beginning to react to what Al Greenspan really said this week. Interest rates are going to rise this year as the Fed will be forced to act in measures to protect the dollar.

      I love some of the long comments over the last couple of days. The market is taking a breather, blah, blah, blah. Get real. We are in the beginning stages of a 15 to 25% correction. I laugh at the faith being expressed in the recent analyst upgrades. When are investors going to learn that they need to act in measures that are contrary to the direction provided by the whore analysts?
      The fact of the matter is the upgrades are allowing the big boys to lighten up their tech stock inventories like JNPR for better prices than they would receive if they told the truth. Oh well, some things never change.

      Bottom line: Ignore today's general market warning signs to your peril. The trade deficit numbers are atrocious and getting worse even as the dollar weakens. Interest rates will need to rise significantly after the elections if not before in order to continue to attract the necessary foreign capital to fund our deficits. Consumer sentiment is falling off a cliff as consumers are coming to the realization that they really need to pay for those Christmas purchases while at the same time they are running out of room on their home equity lines and their credit cards. Most importantly, many investors are still denying the reality that the true unemployment rate in the U.S. is north of 10% when you consider the plight of the hard-core unemployed that have been dropped from the "official" ranks of the unemployed in tandem with the inability of current unemployment statistics to measure the ongoing decline in the quality of jobs remaining in the US economy as jobs continue to be lost to China, India and Mexico.

      The market will respond to these negative dynamics. To stick your head in the sand and say that JNPR has significant upside in the next six months is utter foolishness, especially after the price they have proposed for this Netscreen acquisition. Combine all these factors with the high percentage of JNPR market capitalization allocable to insiders related to vested options (also for Netscreen insiders), I will not surprised to see the JNPR stock price hit $ 15 in the next six months.

    • I have been calling this coming correction for a while now but,

      I need to see follow thru on tues. If I don't I see a possible small bounce before it might go under again.

      I have gone to cash and been telling people to do so to.

      Still, I like to have something in play just in case.

      • 2 Replies to luckydaze_2000
      • Lucky and Irvin,
        I like what I have been reading lately in your Posts.

        Alot more substance than the regular biased and sarcastic "Cheerleading" we typically see on these Boards.

        Much like my idealogy ,you both seem take the emotion out of Trading and do not get attached Long or Short to any particular stock. However, I admit sometimes I find myself getting into harsh dialogue with others on the Board. I need to stay away from that.

        Anyway, you are playing the dips and peaks very soundly. At least it seems that way.
        And you have gotten to know this Stock inside out.

        What about some other stocks that seem to even fluctuate more up and down like AMZN or NFLX ???

        I am looking for two Stocks to really learn inside out, tick for tick etc..... Preferably one with downside potential (for shorting on the peaks) and upside potential (for buying long on dips)
        Maybe AMZN for Shorting on Peaks and QCOM for buying Long on dips.

        What do you think ????

        P.S. Last 4 months have been using my Streamer watching the same 20 stocks religiously everyday. And buying Puts and Calls which I have done pretty darn good at. But I like what you guys are doing and I might just narrow my twenty down to two. And just learn them like back of palm. And do what I have said above.
        Anyway, appreciate the feedback.

      • Wow are you smart, u called a pullback after massive gains in the NASDAQ. Where did you obtain all your knowledge? I've been long in the market for a while making mad cash and I should have been waiting for a pullback like this. Thanks for the advice.

    • Perhaps,

      But I bet a catch a 1/2 point on it tues

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