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  • daffyskater daffyskater Apr 19, 2004 4:15 PM Flag


    can someone help me out here, why is NSCN down today and JNPR up? I don't follow NSCN the stock. We should have the same % moves in both.

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    • Too funny.
      You make this ridiculously long post on typo's and grammar yet you can't make two sentences without correct grammar

      "I stand by my thesis, however."

      However, I stand by my thesis.

      Another post of yours-
      nice run-on sentence with many periods

      Re: FDRY - A Value Tech Play
      by: zajohnson (M/Denver, CO) 04/16/04 11:56 am
      Msg: 90765 of 90971

      If I remember right JNPR earnings are on the 21st. Your suspicion may be incorrect, they may just want the headlines to themselves.... or maybe give it a week after JNPR announces their buyout ;)

      Again, nobody on yahoo cares about your grammar, typos, etc.

      You at the very least should practice what you preach.


    • How come you don't police the other poster?
      It's quite obvious why.

      You can't find fault in my post so you have to dig deep for something.

      Here's the other post.
      See if you find anything wrong with it MR. Grammar/Spellcheck Policeman.
      And I thought you might have a little more saavy ****hmmmm**** than this. It is quite obvious that your use of "fraud" towards me is way out of context and is totally misused. Your credibility ,REAL, is constantly being challenged. ***nice place for the commas***

      There is no way that a Court of Law ***I don't see a name of the court to designate caps***could prove I was being Fraudelentin ***hmmm*** my Post *** why a capital "P"*** based on the definition above.

      Your wreckless use of English verbiabe ***hmmm*** once again serves to expose the ignorance located between those ears of yours !! LOL

      Now your on INGNORE !! ***nice spelling*** ***double exclamation***

      There you have it.
      Go ahead and police the yahoo boards all you want.
      You'll have a job forever.


    • If you want to be a jerk you can pick on anyones post for mispelling, typos, etc.

      I don't care about my typos mispelling language, etc. on these boards and I don't expect expeert typing and grammar from others.
      We would be here all day if that was the case.

      I know company President's and CEO's that have terrible grammar in there emails, etc.
      Big deal.

      Obviously you get the point though.

      Enough so that you decided to be the spellcheck/grammar police on a yahoo board instaed of staying on the topic.

      Nice job,
      Should I bring you an apple tmorrow (oops typo)?

      What's your take on JNPR?


    • Well, the irony of using the wrong article before burglar isn't lost on me. I stand by my thesis, however.

    • I always think it's funny when someone with a third-grade education tries to go on the attack. It's like someone shooting at an burgler with a squirt gun. Why bother? At best you just look impotent. Your post has reminded me of that. That last paragraph, in particular, is a real gem. I had to read most of it a couple times to figure out what you intended to say. I took the liberty of pointing out to you the failures of your elementary school teachers.

      None of this applies, in my mind, to someone from a foreign country, but someone intelligent from New Jersey clearly would have mastered English by your age. I'm left to conclude you're a moron. Since there are only your posts to judge you by, the only reasonable conclusion is that your premises are as flawed as your writing. Don't despair. It's never too late to learn... read a book.

      "What the HELL are you talking about. You've been around since at least a year on this board,"

      Your ***you're*** WRONG.

      Find one post of mine in JNPR that's in 2003.
      If you can't you owe me an apology.

      You don't even have to go back that far.
      I started posting when I shorted after earnings.
      That's a FACT.

      Your ***you're*** right I made a remark about a long who didn't even know the deal was done.
      At the same time you make ***made*** a totally FALSE remark about me.

      You seem to think because you bought in the 12's that you know more than anyone else.
      Your post tonight about the closing of NSCN showed us all otherwise. You happen to be on the right side of a bull market and all stocks went up last year ***run-on sentence, comma before and*** .

      Look, I don't have a problem with you asking a question BUT I do have a problem with your impatient posting to someone when you don't like what you're reading ***run-on sentence, comma before BUT*** . You done ***[you've done this?]*** time after time. If I was long you'd be my pal but I'm not so your narrow ***hyphen*** minded to any thoughts other than you ***[your own?]*** sentiment ***run-on sentence, comma before BUT and also before so*** ***you've also misused's an adjective not a noun ***. That's has ***has does not belong here*** been proven by your posting as well.


    • "Look up the words deceit and fraud in the dictionary !!"

      I looked it up in the encyclopedia and your picture was there with those words.


    • "Don't sit there and say Schaffer's sentiment on a particular Stock is automatically the same nearly 10 days later."

      That was the most current article.

      You still have yet to furnish an article that supported your deceitful post.

      If what your saying was correct you would've posted the actual article like I did.

      You didn't.



    • " You were trying to give the perception that this was Schaeffer take on JNPR and it clearly wasn't. "

      There you go again skirting the REAL issue again.
      And there you go again relying on information that is nearly 10 days old. You are FALSELY representing Schaeffer because this opnion was written on JNPR 3-22 and this date of Post was 3-31.

      Your whole argument as well as yourself are discredited.
      Don't sit there and say Schaffer's sentiment on a particular Stock is automatically the same nearly 10 days later. You know that is FALSE.

      Come on guy, 9 days in the Stock Market can be a lifetime of events. People go from rags to riches and vice versa in that time.

      Notice how I say you are FALSE in saying Scaeffer's info is current. Not deceitful or fraudelent. Just a total lack of due diligence
      and professionalism.
      Its obvious your lack of verbiage skills when you resort to words that are totally out of place in this environment. Look up the words deceit and fraud in the dictionary !!

      Anyway, off to more important things !!!And since I know you are obsessed with posting to me Integrity after I accurately DISCREDITING you ,I am putting you on IGNORE once agian :)

      ADIOS !!!

    • "I called his bluff a few weeks ago when he tried to say a piece of info was current information."

      I saved you the time.

      Here's the thread where you used Bernie Schaeffer name and changed his statement.

      That's why you are a fraud.
      You tried to deceit others from what Bernie latest release said.

      Your change like the wind investment was great today.

      Maybe you should be more concerned with your health and less concerned with others posts.


    • Ha joe,
      Don't let this guy get you. He's been trying to start trouble with anyone who might have an opposing view on this Board since I can remember.

      I called his bluff a few weeks ago when he tried to say a piece of info was current information.

      When I looked into the info more closely I found it to be almost 10 days old.
      He would not come out and say how old it was when I first asked. He just said it was current.

      I then called his bluff when I pointed out this date.
      He pretty much totally discredited himself by this.

      The only thing he could do after this self-discreditation was resort to calling me fraud, deceit etc.....

      He would NEVER admit his error and thus really made himself look foolish. :)

      Now I see where others on this Board have caught onto this guy and are calling his bluff too. LOL LOL

      Too much !!!

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