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  • profit_guy profit_guy Jan 23, 2001 8:39 PM Flag

    Mr Grinch, i respect your posts...

    nces seem right...but i do not understand all the permabear mentality on this message board today...first off JNPR crushed earnings, AND raised guidance, yet since then it has fallen approx $25 from the after hours high the day it reported...when you look at all the companies that reported in the last week or two that LOWERED guidance, yet rallied, how can you be surprised that JNPR would finally rally again after a few days of selling off?...i know pe wise that JNPR is a pig, but who cares...i sense you play this game as a trader like i do, and not an don't be surprised to see JNPR rally for another day or so...rarely does a stock reverse and rally ONLY one day (unless the DAQ falls hard tomorrow, which i doubt with all the dip buyers)...i think the permabears are getting burned bad on this DAQ bounce from 2250, because they are in denial and averaged up every $10 or so from $100, much like the longs did by averaging down on the big fall Sept-Dec...anyways, i will reshort this pig again too when the time seems right...i just think that all these permabears on here are not going to fare well, especially when they don't cut losses and take profits like i notice that you do...just a little surprised to see you not go long JNPR at 122 today...long 5k at 127 3/4 avg BRCD after 10 STRAIGHT days of green is getting crazy

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