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  • brown.tim47 brown.tim47 Mar 31, 2012 8:39 AM Flag

    I'm looking forward to QE3

    My concern with AXU is not it's resource body(ies), which I think have enormous potential. My concerns relate to their ability to extract and process it in a cost effective way. This presents a major challenge to most junior mining companies and very few are able to pull it off.
    Current production problems appear to be worse than thought prior to recent earnings release and CC.
    AXU may have gotten into production in record time, but they were very short sighted in the design and construction of infastructure and I think it will continue to restrict their production for the next 12-18 months.
    For now AXU is going to have to rely on drilling results along with a rising POS to maintain or increase its SP.

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    • Having problems over the next 12-18 months is right in line with the roughly two years it takes for almost all juniors to get things running smoothly. In that time frame, exploration results could and should bolster the sp significantly. We will have a new resource estimate by mid year from newly discovered Flame & Moth and Onek. This could put them over 50 mil ounces. The company will work out their milling issues. I am thinking that will be within 12 months. I'm sure the CEO as the largest shareholder would like to see these milling and power issues worked out as well! At least we don't have the constant threat of share dilution hanging over our heads. I'm still looking for your thoughts on the size of resources by say 2014? What about the gold possibilities as well?

    • You may be right about all this, Tim. Are you willing to acknowledge that you may be wrong, and that therefore, this may be a very good investment for people willing to take that risk? Because I haven't heard you, and certainly not BS or Avian, who arrogantly insist that they are always right and everyone else is always wrong ( and using inflammatory language to make that claim), acknowledge the possibility of error. I've heard many other silver bulls on this board say,"I may be wrong" or "IMHO." Friend, I could give your arguments more credence if you would do the same thing.

    • Tim, that's a good post that you linked to. I'm more optimistic than you are, but it's still a thoughtful post worthy of consideration. I appreciate your posts when they contain substance, I just am dismayed when you feel the need to dump on others.

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