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  • platinum_investor platinum_investor Mar 29, 2012 7:49 PM Flag

    I'm looking forward to QE3

    Hopefully be announced in April, if not then May.

    Debt ceiling prediction to be hit Sept 14th 2012. You know the Republicans planned it this way and will be in the news every single day like last August sending Gold and Silver up.

    With QE3 + Debt ceiling hype come September + Alexco reaching the 375-400 tpd mill by end of 2012.

    I can't see how you can't be bullish right here today.

    IF (or should I say when) QE 3 happens. Gold and Silver will take off.

    Add to that the debt ceiling debacle just in time for the elections.

    We could have an interesting 2nd half of 2012.

    Good Luck all

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    • Hatch, I'm not sure what post or link of mine you are referring to?

      As far the Hagg's original post goes, I think it may be one of the most offensive and arrogant (not to mention false) statements I have seen to date and I think others need to be reminded of his track record on these issues.

    • Thanks for the answer. CEO thinks there is 100 mil ounce potential on site. I think Silver Wheaton would agree on that as well.

      From SLW's web site.

      "Development decisions on three more targets within the District are expected during 2012, with a goal of identifying 100 million ounces of silver in this prospective District and ramping up to more than 7 million ounces of annual silver production within the next decade."

      Dilution is not being considered at all in my opinion. If the CEO was a serial diluter, he would not have done the SLW deal. They have the means to move forward without it.

    • Tim I feel that you are to heavy on the negative side because of what the stock price has done. So you look at reasons within the company to justify the lack of movement in the SP. You don't realize that the company could have exceeded all expectations yet with the manipulation in the past 12 months in mining companies it wouldn't have mattered.

      I am SHOCKED to hear that you feel they will possibly dilute the stock. I know you base this on the power issue (which I think you are over blowing) and also the new equipment you mentioned needed for 2013.

      With over $40 million in the bank plus profits accelerating from here, I think even if their is a (worse case) need for cash as you suspect that we will have sufficient ability to cover it without any dilution.

      Wow that's the first I've heard, dilution talk.

    • I would expect AXU to at least double their idicated and inferred resouce to approx. 60M oz by 2014. That's probably a bit low ball since Inferred resource coud go much higher. I don't think there wil be any significant gold discoveries. Based on last earnings report I think there is a good possibility of future dilution.

    • If you put me on ignore, there's nothing I can do about that. I don't agree with the "bear" argument, but I appreciate one that"s carefully thought out, and need to read it as part of my own analysis of a company, so I won't put you on ignore. I'm just sorry you've become so combative and negative lately. And I wish you would answer the questions I posed in my last two posts to you.

    • So Hatch, I've totally gone over to the side of BS and Avian in your opinion? I think that probably deserving of the "ignore user" option don't you.

    • Tim most of the "Bull" predictions from 1 year ago are just that

      Silver was hitting $50 an ounce seemingly endless rise, miners were rising, everything was looking very bullish.

      The last 6 months I don't see the same predictions, at least I don't make any crazy claims.

      But crazy claims if a long term investor are very possible if your willing to wait. $20+ SP is not out of the question 2013-2014.

    • Tim, you've totally gone over to the side of BS and Avian. Having exchanged a number of posts, I don't believe in your heart that's where you really want to be. You totally ignore the point of my post. Can't you acknowledge just the possibility that you could be wrong? And just the possibility that this could be a good investment? I have plenty of time to look those things you mentuion up, but I'm not going to spend my time that way. That's a fools game and I wont play it.

    • So show me all the "IMHOs" and "I may be wrongs" in this current thread Hatch. And this time please don't reply that you don't have time to look those things up. Please point out all your disclaimers when blindly pumping this company to others.
      I'll put my record up against anyone elses on this board for the past 15 months. Go back and read a few of "the bulls" on this boards posts from a year ago if you really want a good laugh IMHO.

    • Well said paltinum. Many are forgetting that the old debate in August last year when the ceiling was 14,3 trillion USD had been bypassed and the debt is now only months later 15,6 trillion.

      Silver and gold will go as high as the debt hole will go.

      Might as well add, that Bill Gross Founder and CIO of Pimco, managing 250 billion USD said for the first time 2 weeks ago "I recommend hard assets to our clients".

      He know the bond market in and out, and he says Fed will hint on QE3 in April. Why? housing in the US has still not bottomed, case/schiller index is lower, and lower. And everytime we think we get a bottom we go down in a few months. Fed will have to buy Mortage backed securities, and keep up the growth so jobs can recover.

      AXU will deliver in the end. 2 resource estimation around June/July, 2 new mines in Q3/Q4 which will add production boosts big time for 2013.

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