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  • Jimm40 Jimm40 Aug 27, 1998 6:11 PM Flag

    Up - down - sideways

    Any direction here would be welcome......

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    • cute!...thanks for warning us about seeing us next week!...



    • Stockwatchrs who live in "glass shorts" should not cast stones!!

      Have a great weekend all!

      See you next week.

      Robin :)

    • Thanks for the info

    • Wrong stockwatchr, others feel as she does. By
      the way you need to check out the Washington Post
      story about a listed company suing Yahoo over messages
      posted to it's bulletin board. Also you and every other
      follower of this board needs to check Louisiana Law as it
      pertains to false stories spread about Louisiana Banks.

    • Ditto...aka "robbygirl"

    • I am getting a little tired of the personal attacks on this board. Information about HIB is secondary for those who have other agenda's, what ever they might be.

    • Sometimes stock investing is more than just
      analyzing numbers...sometimes the intangible information is
      just as important...Thanks so much for your concern
      about my investment strategy, but quite frankly it
      NOYB...Good luck with your investments.

    • I am neither long nor short in this stock. I was
      interested in investing in it...only to find your drivel on
      this thread. Since, your posts lack any substance
      other than your "whining" of the CEO's ego. Let me
      state some facts to you.

      HIB has fallen 30% off
      of its all time high...the general market has fallen
      20%...and bank stocks have been closer to 27%. Yes, HIB
      seems to be underperforming just a tad...but it is not
      like they are all alone.

      I know I do not have a
      cool name like stockwatchr, but I do know that if I
      owned a stock and I knew it was going to drop 50% of
      its value I would sell it...and buy it back at a
      discount. Why do you still own the stock if you know it is
      going to fall even farther? It makes no sense to me.

      You could be right...HIB could fall further...but why
      are you betting against your own better are like the guy playing craps who knows the dice
      are loaded to always land on snake eyes....and yet
      you continue to put money on the pass line....a fool
      and his money are soon parted.

      Good luck

    • good for you! lies...i would want everyone
      to refute the lies, as I would...but there have been wouldn't know the difference anyway....this is my
      last response to you...I will no longer lower myself
      to your immature level...I hope you do stay and not
      go away, maybe you will learn something...This is a
      message board for information...if you do not like my
      information...don't read it...and quit trying to play "Message Board
      Policeman" for my credibility, I consider my information
      accurate...You have no credibility to lose or gain, because all
      you have done is whine about my posts...Why don't you
      give us some of your credibility and post some facts
      that no one else has posted...Give it a try, BIG GUY!

    • Once people start calling your bluff, the only
      thing you have left is to start insulting everyone. You
      have posted no facts on this board, only your twisted
      little opinion. Your only upset because we aren't your
      "yes people". If your looking for people to join your
      camp, your looking in the wrong place. I don't know if
      this is vindication for you, must have gotten turned
      down for a loan. Go short another stock that has more
      downward potential. You have lost all credibility

      As for you putting me in my place-----better try

      I will stay here and refute all of your
      lies posted here. I will not go


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