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  • shmecklestein_2 shmecklestein_2 Jan 16, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    Board history between me, Sundance and Cobra

    These 2 Bozo's Sundance and Cobra just can't admit that I had dumped my tobacco stocks on 11/29 (as posted here, in real time) within just pennies of that most recent high for both stocks), and that I'm still well ahead of the game, with same stocks at a lower price. Their stupid pride had been Schooled.

    Ever since, they have been attempting to discredit me with lies and other bull-hard tactics. Even though I had bought back both stocks cheaper and I am not anti-tobacco, these 2 clowns...whom think they own this board, are just blow-hard Shmucks whom can't tolerate any diversity in opinion. Their bullying tactics haven't worked with me and I just love slapping reality back into "People of the Lie".

    As such, I had chosen to go toe-to-toe with these Shmucks, even though I'm currently long on both stocks, but because they are bullying and lying Shmucks who need to be slapped-down back to reality, and quite often. It's a fun and easy job.

    It's what I do.

    Ironically enough, I would had left this board long ago as I had offered, but they evidently love to be beaten down by the truth, as I don't need to lie when the truth is so much better, *grin*.

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